Flat Shading + Rigging = Complications

Hello friends :slight_smile:

I am currently trying to rig a low poly + flat shading character, and things seem a bit more tough than if I was doing regular smooth shading.

Here are some images to show a few key problems:

Here’s the blender file, if it would help: (Note I am using Rigify)

Any thoughts? I’m going to give a guess that some of the problems (the butt) has to do with problems with my modeling.


Hate to bump this, but any thoughts?

I don’t think it’s a smooth vs flat shading issue - I think it’s that you don’t have enough geometry where the bones are moving things. You might need to adjust the weight painting, or add additional geometry to allow for the bending you need.

Try the “corrective smooth” modifier, it’s pretty good at fixing these kinds of rigging issues without too much fiddling.