Flat sided Sphere (solved with looptool)

Im trying to replicate this specific object part for reference:

but i cant seem to find a way to get it done right with the round shape, let alone the triangles:

(the blend file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1lupym3dfgq6r8/leupoldmk4problem.blend)

How would i get this done right? with this way it seems pretty flat and even caved inwards a bit.

try using pipe cross X 4 and use Boolean with UV sphere

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Looks reasonably okay… I would not narrow it to a single vert where the holes touch, but leave a little bridge as it were. The easiest way to do this would be to delete that single vertex, select the four on either side of the gap and hit F to make a face. You can then use the knife to make a cut across the face to get better division or you could select the two opposite sides and subdivide them (in edge mode…)

This makes selecting the loops much easier andavoids shading problems. But to get the flat circular faces just select all the verts for one ‘hole’, press E to extrude, without moving the mouse press LMB to accept, then press S to scale (median pivot point option chosen)

I did use the LoopTools addons ‘space’ and circle’ to even things out, I recommend this suite of tools to easily do what takes a lot of trouble to accomplish otherwise.

Your original method of construction was not the greatest. Here’s a better, faster, neater way.

oh wow, is this a mind trick? this seems to easy :stuck_out_tongue: thanks a lot for the solution, and thanks³ for that tool. now ill go back to finishing my scope with a beautiful sphere!

PS: any other “magic” tools i should be aware of and enable?

LoopTools is the most essential of all. But the community is always creating new addons for everyone to use. I use F2 from the same person as well although it’s not as useful for beginners. Add mesh extra objects is a timesaver. Import images as planes is a another timesaver. Too many addons actually clutter up your toolbar so keep them to essentials…

Also I just noticed a little detail - to match your reference, the holes which are of different sizes should be scaled down (or up) in either step two or three, but step four would be too late, in the method above for the best spherical object. The holes in my example are all the same size, but here’s a quick image showing that making the holes different sizes early on works perfectly.

yeah, i did that in step 3, it seems to be the best time to

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Really good solution Druban !

Thanks for the looptools advice. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get an eyeball without using a regular UV sphere. All other methods produce a nasty grid.