Flat Spider Rigging - [HELP]

Hey everyone, first time poster after being a lurker for a while, nice to meet you all!

I was hoping you could give me some tips on how to pose a Spider from a flat model? I’ve created a rig following Blender Cookie’s Spider tutorial and the rig works fine. I used a flat top-down reference image to create my model and because of this it wasn’t posed at all in the modeling phase.

Is it possible to pose it completely in pose mode or should I edit my original model to include bends in the legs to that of an idle Spider? I have already hand-painted my texture for the model and I’m slightly worried that to get the model posed I’ll distort my model significantly.

Please find attached 3 images. If there are any issues with my formatting please let me know. I’d greatly appreciate any and all help and advice. Thank you in advance and have a great week!