Cycle rendering sampling 5000. 5 hours with CPU. GPU crash with too large maps. i7-4770 cpu with two NVIDIA GTX 780ti.


first image so white and hallow (empty) but others great

Beautiful! I love the detail you’ve put into this scene, but I feel like some of the shaders are lacking. The thing that struck me in every image was the lack of anything shiny. Other than that it’s really great, I love the floor shader!!

Wonderful! I really like them. The only two thing i don’t like are the flame (they are missing some warm illumination) and the curtains…on the other hand the carpet is great! I see some few fur strand combined with some nice bump/displace…i’m i correct?

Thanks guys! Correct Alan

very cool space - i like the blend of old and new. the ceiling medallion in the living room needs a fixture of some kind - maybe a ceiling fan or something - but that’s just my opinion :wink: one of the shelves on the book shelf seems to be bent - not sure if that was intentional or not. the rug texture is very cool - kudos for that. and the herringbone wood floor is one of the best i’ve seen. nice!

The book shelf is the Flat.C from B&B Italia. Shelving units are unequal

I like the last one