Flathead screw, using a bevel and subsurf modifier

I’m trying to create a flat head screw, while using a weighted bevel modifier and subsurf…

As you can see… not so much. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m trying to do something that’s in fact impossible. I learnt about this modeling technique quite recently, until now I have been using support loops instead of the bevel modifier, but I like this way of working, I’m just not sure when it is applicable or not.

The subserf modifier will not make a cube into a sphere - it will make a slightly cuby sphere. If I want to make a circle using subserf like you are, I will start with an octagon or hexagon.

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can you provide a photo of the real model
so we know what you want !

also what resolution do you need ?
high res or low res !

happy bl

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Yogyogs comment is correct, I use a hexagon personally.

In my humble opinion trying to shortcut using support/isolation geometry causes a severe headache. Also the result will not export to other applications.
As I say just my opinion, the more experienced here will most probably prove me wrong. :wink:



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The whole point of using support loops to control subdivisions is that it exports no matter what. If those are added with the bevel modifier, the modifier needs to be applied before exporting.

An example of quality requirements when selling models:
2.2.3 and 2.2.4. There’s also an exception that specifically mentions screws.

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Wholeheartedly agree modifiers should always be applied before export.

The turbosquid specs allow triangles. Probably to support Game Geometry?
If using the bevel modifier I would suggest an even number of segments resulting in quads only geometry (preferred for subd)

Hope this helps?
P.s Many a modeller has said I will never need to export it and then found themselves in the position of having to. :wink:

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Thanks for all your replies, I wasn’t planning on exporting it or doing this project for any other reason than to practice this technique, I love hard surface modelling I really enjoy it, and am always interested in trying new techniques. The bevel modifier seems to work well with making holes in objects which is why I was interested in it. But would you guys say that support loops is the better technique generally?

To me, this https://blenderartists.org/t/mr-3000-dual-band-radio-device/701398

Is a masterpiece. I looked at it for about half an hour when I first saw it and keep looking at it regularly. I know we all have our favorite things and none of you are wrong. But God damn it’s beautiful. :smiley:

Yes that is a fine example.

Would recommend you contact parallax_punch and ask him/her about the workflow?
Everyone at Blenderartists seem very open to questions.

In any 3D application there are modifiers that are application specific or the equivalent in another app can work differently. Learning to model specifically for the Catmull-Clark algorithms using support/isolation geometry allows you to take the knowledge learned to other applications (maybe you score a job using something other than Blender) Also as mentioned your assets can export and be imported freely without issues (excluding orientation)