Flatten water vertices.


I’m using Blender to make virtual flights around and over 3D-models that are made with Agisoft Photoscan Pro. The photos are taken with an airborne camera. In some cases the places I fly over is surrounded by water or has a streams/rivers flowing across.

Agisoft Photoscan Pro give me a lot of jagged surface where there´s water, often the water stands taller than the ground when I look at the 3D-model with Blender.

How can I select larger areas of water and then lower the Z-point of the high rised vertices out in the water?


Just select everything you want and hit S to scale, then Z and 0. It will make it flat.

Go to Edit mode, set viewport to wireframe. Now you can use B (border select) or C (circle select) for selecting as many verticles as you want. On your screen I see you have selected pivot point to median, if you set pivot point to active element, after S Z 0 Enter it will make flat exacly to active vertex Z value, hope it helps.