Flattening faces, constraining rotation angles

Hello again!
I’m working on a small blender project … after watching some of the blender conference videos provided by team orange.

  1. Question:
    Create a UV Sphere, select some top (polar) face-“rings” - now these are concave. I want to flatten them now in an xy plane … and I did not find the command. Is there one? There seemed to be such an option in Andy’s modeling demonstration.

  2. Question:
    Can I constrain the rotation of a bone to a certain angle i. e. 90° in the x-axis? And the same for the other two axis?

  1. Lets say you have the UV sphere sitting upright (so the “poles” are perfectly top and bottom). Select the verts you want and hit S, Z, 0 (zero), Enter. What that does is scale it only along the Z axis to 0. You could also do this with X or Y.

  2. Holding Ctrl while grabbing, scaling, rotating, or just about anything else moves in set incraments. While rotating, it will go in sets of 5°. You could also type in your value. Like in 1), you can hit X, Y, or Z to constrain to a global axis. To constrain to a local axis (the local X for example) you would do something like S, XX, 0, Enter.

You can hit N to bring up a transformation menu, too, to type in values.


  1. With the verts selected, S (scale), Z (axis) and 0 (zero on the keyboard or numpad).

  2. Not with 2.37a but Yes, if the bone is part of an IK chain in 2.40alpha or one of the test builds from CVS.