Flattening Objects?

Hey Blender people, I have a catapult that uses an empty to add a ball thats suposed to go flying into the enemy, but when it gets added its added flat, and I don’t want it to do that, I used a UV sphere, please help as soon as possible.

Inferno: Make sure your empty isn’t scaled. Try pushing alt-s. If it is still flat, make sure you are launching the sphere, and not just a plane.

Sorry, it didn’t work, and I am positive I’m not adding a plane, it has the same shape as the ball, I just don’t know whats wrong, I was going to upload it to a different blend file and upload it, but it works in the other .blend file, I don’t know.

could you upload a screenshot, if you don’t want to upload your game?

How do I take screen shots, sorry, but I’m still new to all this stuff.

have a look under “file”(in blender) or press a “Prt Scr” button if you pc has one

Hey guys, heres my game so far, I don’t care if you guys want to work on it or whatever, if you want to give my sugestions I am still pretty open to ideas, but don’t complain about it being unorganized or unfinished, because this is like my first game, but I have a lot of stuff I need to do.
If I forgot to post how to play, here’s how
Press 0 to go into Camera view and hit play.
Move the mouse to aim, and hit the left mouse button to shoot.
Hit TAB to go in the pause screen.
Goal: Stop the boxes from destroying the gate.

And about the catapult problem, just look at that and hit P, it will just turn out weird.

Heres the URL http://www.pasteall.org/blend/850

The problem is that the catapult that the empty that adds the cannonball is scaled weirdly. To view the specific scaling of objects, select the objects and hit “N” and you’ll notice that ScaleX, Y, and Z are weird.

To fix this, select the catapult’s main object (that everything is parented to) and hit ctrl-a. Choose “apply scale and rotation.” Also do this to your cannon ball object.

Hope that helps.