flattening out a mesh into a template

I have been wondering whether Blender can unwrap a mesh in an accurate fashion so that a template could be made. I would like to make some cardboard models and was hoping that I could build them in Blender first and then make some templates to actually cut out in cardboard. When I have used the UV unwrapping technique I have not been able to get accurate shapes. (for example the sides of a cube have not been squares) Is this at all possible, or am I asking too much? :eyebrowlift:

Yep this is possible. I can remember at some point being able to do it (and getting good results) I just don’t remember who did it :o…good thing BA has a search function:


Thanks mate I’ll give it a go!

Emu’s other post with a tutorial on ‘how to’…

Thanks forTe and patdog for the excellent links. It certainly looks like that will be a possibility for me. I’ll give it a go.I have had a go also with a program called Pepakura Designer. It’s good but has anyone out there had any success putting textures on the cutouts in this program? I would love to hear from anyone on this topic. Happy New Year to you all…