I am not sure if this has been done before but I made some reflection semi-fractals. They’ll never be famous, but they’re somewhat interesting.

Reflection was made by putting the camera inside a fractally subdivided icosahedron with one face missing. The material of the icosahedron was blue and 90% reflective. The world color was yellow. So, the yellower parts of the image bounced directly out of the missing face and the bluer one bounced inside more.

Reflection 2 was the same instead with a cube, red and green.
Smooth was the same except it was subsurfed. 6 subsurf wasn’t enough to get rid of the artifacts at the top

Sand was made differently, the camera was put inside a closed cube for which each side was a different color and highly reflective. The cube was fractally subdivided and subsurfed. There was much postpro.
Thank you for taking your time to look at these

Wow, those images look really nice.
Especially like the red and green one. :smiley:

that last one looks straight out of an art book :slight_smile: that might be more due to the post pro, but your end result is still neat

Maybe I exaggerated when I said, “much postpro.” All I really did was blur it and make it less red.

i like the second one and the last one most.
the last one is just awsome! i think it looks like soap or oil on the water… This effect is very cool

Thank you, I wonder if I should have blurred less or bumped (:D) the contrast down for the last of those images.

Nice idea and interesting results! It would be interesting to try using motion blur with the object around the camera and with animated colors. I did something remotely similar to this except I was using the object to distort the appearance of text outside of the object (the object becomes a sort of lens effect for the camera).

Oooh, that sound cool, I shall try it sometime.