Flesh eating Zombie

Admittedly sensational but i think “Flesh Eating Zombie” is more attention grabbing then “Zombie.” Anyway, this is the zombie I’ve been working for a game I want to make. The actual model is 884 tri’s and the image map I’m using is 1000x1000. I don’t know if that is a good size so if anyone with some experience could let me know I’d appreciate it. As always comments and criticisms welcome.

Hi ,

Funny , i’ve start a lowpoly zombie too last week .
I’ve used a texture of 512x512 and it’s a bit ugly (yuk), yours looks fine .
What happens wit the neck ?

And , can we have a wire ?

Peace .

Actually the weird veiny thing at the neck is only their by accident. On my UV map the head and body are two different pieces but I had them blended together. I accidentally made the vein thing and thought it looked cool so I kept it:) Here a pic of the Wire and the UV map with colors. On the wire the hand has fingers that are completely moveable and the head has a closing eye and articulate mouth with teeth and tongue.

LOOKING GOOD! for a lowpoly model and usual texture size for games by my acknowledge has been 512x512 but i bet the new gen. games have got biger allready :wink:

Scaled my image and I can’t even notice any actual quality reduction;)

w00t for the one-shoeness. :slight_smile: Good low-poly model. Perhaps unwrap it again with different seams to help you fix the neck area.

Just cause he’s dead doesn’t mean your any match for his crane style:cool: Quick pose just for kicks I still have to map out the mouth but i think he’s pretty close to done though. Please let me know if there is anything that just jumps out as being out of place, Thanks.http://i2.tinypic.com/vf9k50.jpg

Cool, im also making a zombie game. What engine/tools are you using?

Overall the model looks good

Really I’m just messing around, I know relatively nothing about it but I’m planning on just using the blender engine. I’m not trying for a complete game but more of an arcade feeling kind of experience.:slight_smile:

Cool model. Although I’m not sure if the polys are well distributed. Seems like the face could use a bit more polys and the hands could be blocks. However from the pose the hands add a lot so you might just want to 6 polys to the nose area. Since there aren’t many polys in the model the game could have tons of these guys! And you know with zombies, the more the merrier!

Nice model, I think you should perhaps make it look more like clothing and shoes by extruding them somewhat if you know what I mean. And by the way, is the flesh eating the zombie?

Thats a good Idea Ill try and extrude some of the faces to give pants some body.:smiley:


-XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue:

Had to go to Ohio for a couple days but now I’m back and going strong. I took your suggestion Milky and fleshed out the pants to give them fold so I’m now operating at 930 tris. I think you were right though it looks a lot better now. I also took my export texture and messed with the saturation and contrast. It’s not perfect but I think it’s better. Here’s a simple pose pic of what it will probably look like in the game.
Here’s another of a close up of the face.
By the way this is the texture resolution at 512X512, I think.
Here’s a side by side for you Milky.
As always crits and comments appreciated :cool:

It’s looking nice. However, why did you add more of a green tone over him? As far as bruises go, it would seem that he got those recently, but wasn’t he killed a long time ago? :wink: I’d say make him look more like a corpse, more white and a little purple.

Everything’s good except the shoe. You should really try to texture it better. If we say you would cut of that shoe I don’t think anyone would know it was a shoe.

id say make the teeth a little more bigger >.>

Looking good. I love the kung-fu pose :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see a hoard of these things marching though a shopping mall.
If you don’t mind me hijacking your thread for a moment and asking a few questions, since I’d like to try a simple character like this next, for the first time.
I notice your model is made of tris. Yet I’m sure I’ve read around here that quads would be preferred for animation, since tris don’t deform well. However I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that the game engine only supports tris on models, not quads. Anyone care to put me right on this please?
Can I see a shot of the mesh, along with the rig you’ve built for it. It would really help give me an idea of what I should aim for.
Thanks for any help.

I know that the colors on the mesh are a little over saturated but like i said I still haven’t found the right balance yet. I do think it does look better than before if only a little.:o Banni, I don’t really exactly know what I’m doing as far as using this model in the game engine goes. I’m just hoping that I can learn later and I won’t have already shot myself in the foot. Sorry I also can’t answer your tri’s question. I know that most game models I have seen seem to be comprised of them but I can’t really clue you in to the method to that madness.
I do know that you should keep your face count as low as you can quads or tris, but so do you probably.
Anyway here’s an orthographic view of my model from the front, I hope it helps you out. I’m operating at 930 tris.
Robin your right about the shoe, You look at something long enough and you think its ok, but Ill try and fix it. It’s just that I have to find room for it on my texture map.

Sorry almost forgot, Banni;)