Fleur du mal

Sorry for the long delay, i’m studying a lot for the university…

The model is finished.

The render (heavy image)

The textured model

and some wire.

Thanks for helping me in the focused critique and wip forums :slight_smile:
Comments and crits are still wellcome!

Nice to see this one finally finished! Great work.

The lack of a bump/normal map still bothers me, but that is a nit-picky issue. So i’ll just shut up about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing that really got me was the amount of poly’s this model has. Seems to be way too many for the head and could be cleaned up a lot, but still maintain the shape/detail.

I do love it though. Really a great character and the textures are great.


Truly brilliant low poly work, TiZeta. The third/rightmost pose in the main render makes the character seem so alive, expressive, and in control. She really deserves to be in a scene of her own.


the modeling and texture work is pretty amazing!

the profile shot is perfect! the profile is the hardest angle to pull off, becuase it shows the most proportion and body contour, and the area were most people lack in detailed modeling, but you have pulled it off wonderfully!

two small crits. the area above the mouth and below the nose is a bit dark and looks a little off, it could be little lighter? i would also model the necklace instead of leaving it as a texture, but that was proably done on purpose to keep it a low poly model. just small picky stuff.

and because i am a pig i will say it…i love the clevage :o , wooohooo!! :o

BgDM: thanks!
You’re right for the bumpmap, but i tried to make it and the result was not that good… i need a lot of improving in making bumpmaps.
The whole model is about 2577 triangles with hairs and skirt, while the head alone is 562 triangles. I’ve had do add a lot of tris to have a decent deformation with rigging.

Robertt: thanks! i like that pose too.

Wu: thanks for comments!
i had forgot that issue with the zone above mouth.
I agree for the necklace, maybe i’ll make something different.
Don’t know what clevage is but i can imagine… %|

the other poses look like feet aren’t right (posed).

clevage- the revealing of the chest through a low cut dress or shirt

will their be more characters, animations? it would be cool to see a few more characters created and some sort of sci fi animation series. would be tons of work but if you take your time you have the talent to pull it off. maybe not a series of animations but a short, possibly for next years blender confrence?

Great work TiZeta! Your work is so nice and unusual here on elysiun athat it should attract more praise.

very nice work Tiziana!

i love her,
her proportions are great.

you managed to make the dress follow the theme just perfect.

tedi : thanks for comment, i think it is the form of the shoes that gives that impression (they have a… don’t know how to say in english… a thick heel).

Wu: oh, that would be great! Blender Conference. But i’m so slow and unsettled…

cipix: tanks :expressionless:

–=leon=-- Thanks for your words! Much encouraging. :slight_smile:

Tizeta, this is great! I think it is deserving of a better background though.

Good job completing this. :slight_smile:

:o Wooooooooow !!! Great work at all ! I added yuor work to my collection best Blender works :slight_smile: !

  • You used only Blender ???

  • What are you studying ???

I love everything about this model except for one thing, the texture of the dress with the black flames on the breasts looks really bad, probably just me…

paroneayea: tanks! yes, it would be good to make a game-like style background.

Jedrzej_s: :expressionless: thank you. About 5 years ago i used 3ds to make a render for school (the external view of a little ugly house made with autocad). The only thing i made wit that program. No more 3d since last year, when i (re)discovered Blender :slight_smile:
Now i’m studing at the university, computer science. But i’ve also been at “institute of art” when i was younger…

Khnum: thanks. You’re right for dresses, i’m not good at painting dresses.

Let me clerify, I like the dress, even the look of it how it is, but what I don’t like is that it’s textured to her breast instead of a mesh on top of her, looks too much like a mapped texture. Where as the lower portion of the dress is modeled and looks great. Same thing with the boot rappings, if they were modeled I think they would have a bigger impact and look a lot cleaner.

Good work. nice model!