Flexi Bezier Tool

Could you please give me a pointer about Alt+MMB. I am not aware of it.

With my 3d background in Maya, I’m more familiar with and prefer to use alt+LMB (MMB is for panning view) to rotate view. This useful when I want to accomplish both using LMB for placing bezier point and also using LMB to rotate view while creating bezier curves using this add-on, by simply holding alt key. With my latest build and the copy of add-on from today, this was not possible to do.

I will try and make the shortcuts user configurable. Just give me some time… need to do some research, as I haven’t done this before.

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Just a quick update:
You can now (ver 0.8.26) hide / unhide the handles of the selected segment by pressing h / alt+h respectively. Thought of sharing this because handles could be annoying sometimes (especially when adding points :slight_smile: )
Please let me know if you face any issues.

Update: With ver 0.9 the handle visibility can be toggled by pressing H.


First of all, thanks for your cool add-on. And then a little FYI:
You don’t necessarily need to use GPL for your scripts. The license merely has to be GPL compatible. MIT is such a license.

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Just for the reference, here is how these scripts allow to customize their hotkeys:

The user has to go to Preferences > Keymap and add the hotkeys himself/herself.

But maybe it would be more user-friendly to be able to customize hotkeys in your addon preferences.

Have a look at this topic, maybe it can help you, Khemadeva :

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Thank you for such a great tool.
Can I use snaps while using Flexi Edit Bezier?

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You are welcome. Snapping option will be available in about 2 weeks, maybe. But looks like there is a plan to make standard snapping API available in 2.81.

So this may change in future.

I don’t know if it’s normal or not but when I use the addon, I notice a lot of messages in the console:

EDIT: I was using the version 0.8, not the latest one. I don’t see any message in the console with 0.8.29

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Please do report the bugs if you come across any.
That way we can make the tool ever better.

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Not sure if this is a bug or a limitation of blender. If you split the screen into more than one view when you draw a curve it only updates in the first view selected. The other views will not update.
Could be the way blender handles views but thought I would mention it.

Did you test this with the current version (0.9). All views should update both with draw and edit tool.

Hi, yes I’m using the 0.9 version. It could be that my laptop graphics card simply isn’t doing it’s job.
I see that it’s working for someone else so I will try to update my graphics card.

Hello Everyone!

Next version (ver 0.9) of the Bezier Utilities Toolkit is available with the following new features:

  1. Subdivide Uniform Capability in Flexi Edit
  2. Flexi Grease Bezier to draw Grease Pencil Bezier strokes
  3. Enhanced visual feedback and ability to select multiple segments
  4. Fixes related to inconsistent tool behavior.

Do let me know if you face any issues.
(Please uninstall the previous version and restart Blender before installing the new one.)

Download Location: https://github.com/Shriinivas/blenderbezierutils
Script File: blenderbezierutils.py

Review Video: https://youtu.be/4XrjpWwLU4M


Thanks for the new version, great new feature included.

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Thank you for adding the grease pencil function. Would it be possible when drawing a new curve that it creates a separate curve? Currently it keeps the new stroke as part op the same grease pencil layer.
You then have to go into object mode, select the new curve and separate it manually.

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hey really good job!

just a question, does the snap system not work with objects?

you could take a look at this tread … maybe you can also help us with some good suggestions to this work on progress …

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Thank you!

No, currently in Flexi Draw only the end points of open (non-cyclic) splines of all the curves are considered for snapping and end points of all the strokes in all layers in Flexi Grease.
There could definitely be situations where user would want to snap to vertices (of the curves or meshes) other than these. But since there could potentially be too many of them, I thought of implementing only the spline end point snapping to start with.

Sure, let me go through the thread. I would be happy to give my suggestions, provided I have something new to add :slight_smile:

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

Isn’t this how the Draw / Box / Circle tools work in Draw mode? I guess, when you start drawing with grease pencil, all the newly created strokes belong to the same layer unless you add a new one from Add->Grease Pencil->Blank menu option. So I thought of reusing the same layer to be consistent with the other tools. Or have I misunderstood something?

Hi, The new grease pencil strokes being part to of the same layer is the default action. I think it’s my misunderstanding of how flexi grease bezier works. I was initially thinking it would take a grease pencil stroke and turn it into a curve.
My goal would to be able to patch the curves together to make a surface. Currently in order to do this you have to turn the stroke into a curve and then separate the curves. Something similar to Umake for the Ipad or Gravity sketch . Not the exact workflow just a rough idea.