Flexi Bezier Tool

Thank you very much for your constant encouragement, I greatly appreciate it!
Blender is so much fun to work with. Kudos to the Blender developers :slight_smile:


It’s a pleasure and i am honor to have cross your path in life Sir!

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Hi, if I may add one more thought to the conversation.

Due to my lack of experience with both Blender and your bezier tool the only thing I can truly think of right off the bat that could be helpful (and probably a simple fix) is a more intuitive way to close (snap 2 vertices) to form an object is with some type of visual feedback similar to Illustrator where a small circle appears over cursor indicating when the vertices are within distance of properly closing.

I wrestled a bit with trying to close a few shapes as the points were probably just a few micro hairs away from each other then I learned on a few of your YouTube videos that ALT is the answer for snapping/closing a shape which is good. lol

Just my 2 cents worth.
I appreciate that you listen to everyone to improve the functionality and like everyone else says in this thread, I foresee a huge future for what you are doing.

btw, does this mean anything to you? I keep getting this bomb when I hit the ALT key.

The pleasure is mine!
But I am much happier to simply be a good friend rather than Sir :slight_smile:

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As you wish my good friend!:smiley:

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This was a genuine defect. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s fixed in the latest version.

I have implemented a kind of visual feedback in the latest version (0.9.68). When the pointer is near a snapping point, the snapping point will glow up with a red indicator. Pressing alt will snap the pointer to this point.

For this to work, you will need to enable the Snap Indicator option from Snapping Preferences in the add-on dialog (by default the option is unchecked). You can also change the size of the snapping point (just in case if it’s too small for your taste : ) as well as the snap distance.


Hi @Khemadeva I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when we activate your flexy bezier active tool, the bar overwrites everything, and some tools like snapping and more are no longer accessible … wouldn’t it be better to follow the design of the other active tools for consistency?

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Hi @amon_paike Of course one should respect the overall design principles. But the Flexi tools have a different set of snap orientation and origin criteria. If I were to show both the default and the tool specific snapping options, it would be very confusing to the user.

Also, when one of the Flexi tools is active, the functionality of other tools (like Select for example) may not necessarily be available. For example, pressing A while Select tool is active will select all the objects. Whereas when the Flexi Edit is active, the same key will select all the segments of splines in current selection. So for operations like move, scale etc. (when the default snapping options matter), users are supposed to first make the Select (or some other relevant) tool active.

Hope I have been able to clarify the point and not made it more confusing :slight_smile:

@Khemadeva Any chance you could allow users to change some hotkeys?
I’m using Maya-like alt+lmb/mmb/rmb controls, and right now I can’t rotate the viewport!

edit: additionally, having all the regular curve mode context menu available would be great! now I have to switch to a select tool, select the spline, go into edit mode, just to use addons like Bezier CAD
Having the items that are currently in the sidebar available in a context menu would be great as well!
I almost never work with the sidebar visible.
The toolbar at the top, where you currently display the snapping settings might be a good place for them as well

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Currently, I am working on some other priority task. And I may also need to do some research to implement the hotkey change, as I have not done that before.
So most likley, the configurable hotkeys feature will be available by 15th of November.
Hope that’s OK with you.

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Ofcourse, that’d be great.
While using this some more, I also wonder if ctrl-z wouldn’t be better than Backspace. Or x, possible? In either event, a key that’s available to the left hand without moving!
Similarly, I almost never use the delete key, I use ‘X’ instead.
More feedback about hotkeys: would Tab not make more sense to switch between Draw and Edit? That would mirror how Tab goes between Object and Edit mode!

Sorry to be giving so much feedback, I’m just using it and editing my post as I go :smiley:

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These all are very good and practical suggestions. I haven’t got much experience working with 3d modeling or graphics software, therefore such feedback is quite valuable for me. However, if we now change the hotkey combinations, it would be rather confusing for the users, who try to use the tool by watching the video tutorials. Of course, there will some deviations in future, but I would like to keep them to as few as possible.

The ops you have mentioned (like undo last segment in draw or toggle between draw and edit) will have configurable hotkeys anyway, so you can set the key combination of your liking when this feature is implemented.

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GENIUS…! So awesome. It works great. Thank you yet again.

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I am sorry but I have to disagree with you about this.

Blender users like hotkeys customization.

Even if video tutorials show steps and explanations done with the default Blender 2.8 hotkes, some users still prefer to use the Maya Hotkey Preset, or others may still want to use the Right Click Selection (yes, I know, that’s crazy :crazy_face:).

Even though video tutorials are done using the default hotkeys, that shouldn’t stop you from adding hotkey customization. Please consider adding customizable hotkeys. :pray:

To add customizable hotkeys, maybe you can have a look at these addons:


I have found a bug in the latest version, in Blender 2.8. Or get a error/“crash”.

If I’m using the Flexi Edit Mode, and click a Spline Vert/Knot while holding the Ctrl Key, I get an error, then the tool stops working.

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You need not be sorry, all disagreements are most welcome. They lead to new and better ideas :slight_smile:

So do I : ) … And I never said, I am against implementing the configurable hotkeys. All I wanted to say was, if we change the default hotkeys frequently, a new user trying to use the tool, following the video tutorial will get frustrated to find nothing working as shown in the video.

Sure, just give me some time. I will go through the pointer you have given. But maybe it would take another couple of week or so as there is something else I need to finish in the next few days.
Hope that’s OK with you.
Again, I appreciate all your support and feedback.
Do keep up your interest in the tool :slight_smile:


Thank you for the bug report. This is fixed in the latest version.

Also, just a suggestion… You may want to report bugs on Github issues page.
It’s easier to track it that way.


Thank you! Will do! :pray:

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Delete segment is now supported. You can select multiple segments from multiple curves / splines and hit delete to delete all of them (without distorting the other segments : )

It’s also possible to select and delete segments and Bézier points in one go.

(It’s rather convoluted piece of logic so you may come across bugs in some [rare] conditions. Do please let me know if you come across any.)