Flexi Bezier Tool

I’m wondering: does Flexi Bézier Tool work in conjunction with Bézier Mesh Shaper? It’d be nice if Flexi Bézier Tool’s curve display presets and tools would enhance the Bézier Mesh Shaper experience.


Can I extend and existing curve without going into edit mode? I like how I can edit the curve interactively but i was not able to find a way to extend from an existing knot.

Btw this is great work. The only issue I found so far is residue gl drawings if the addon borks at some point, like using alt to click on a knot. Although this not necessarily an issue with this addon since the way modals and gl drawings work in Blender atm is hard to handle if something goes wrong during the gl handle.

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Yes, there are quite a few possibilities. The only challange, as I said earlier, is prioritizing the things. Right now I am trying to better understanding the APIs. Blender functionality is mind boggling, but with the accessibility of this functionality via Python, it has really become a dream-come-true application :slight_smile:


I am actually planning to make Flexi Edit available in Edit mode as well. This will avoid duplication of a lot of existing functionality and the users will get the best of both worlds : )

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I recently finished refactoring part of Flexi Edit (ver: 0.9.67). This was mainly to reduce redundant code and simplify the logic. So from functionality point of view, there is no major change. But there are a couple of small enhancements, I thought of sharing with you all …

  • You can now grab points on segment or the Bézier points without selecting them. This is quite handy for quick editing.
  • The tool allows selection of multiple points (for align / delete) as well as segments (for uniform subdiv) now.
  • Also included is a UI fix with selection of adjacent segment with the common point having aligned handles

Sounds great.

It seems like alt can be used for snapping but in my mouse nav mode alt+left is viewport rotation so both actions of navigation and snap are trying to happen at the same time. I am wondering if there is a way change that convention. I think alt-left for viewport rotation is a common one.

Also a wish, would it be possible to make a freeform curve drawing tool that also works in regular mode instead of just in the GP mode?



KKar… I have the same problem with snapping.

This is my very first post on blenderartists.com.

I am 100% brand new to Blender with about 2 months of taking some online tutorials and spending those 12 hour days trying to figure this thing out. LOL

I have well over 20+ years experience in graphic/web design and very accustomed to using the Bezier pen in Illustrator etc… and 3D has always been a bit elusive for me in setting forth recreating my old fashioned pencil/paper drawings.

I finally reached a point in my online Blender course where the professor discussed the Grease Pencil and I immediately became frustrated with Blender’s lack of a decent Bezier pen whereupon I googled for such an item and found your AWESOME Add-On.

Thank you times a “Million”…
I understand this script is in constant flux and my wish list is that it can emulate all the basic functions of Illustrator’s Bezier pen (+,- selection etc…)



This is going to become the most amazing addon in the bezier realm thank to you my talented friend!


There were already a couple of similar requests / complaints :slight_smile: so I guess there will have to be a configurable keymapping. I will try and include it in the add-on preferences as soon as I can.

Did you get a chance to try the Flexi Draw tool in the add-on? It pretty much does the same thing. In fact I started with the regular mode tool and extended the functionality to GP later. Here’s the link to the original video tutorial: https://youtu.be/C9PXp0XHgYQ

Also, an after-thought about your suggestion to:

Actually, with Flexi Draw you can snap to the end point of the earlier curve (holding down alt) and continue with the drawing, It is kind of similar to extending the curve.

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Hello @halipino! Welcome to the awesome BlenderArtists community :slight_smile:
And thank you very much for the amazing feedback! It’s very valuable to me, especially coming from an experienced graphics designer.
Do continue sharing your suggestions and feedback.

I am trying to improve the functionality with whatever knowledge I have gathered so far. And surely will continue to do so for some more time at least, so your wish-list may get fulfilled…maybe later if not sooner :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your constant encouragement, I greatly appreciate it!
Blender is so much fun to work with. Kudos to the Blender developers :slight_smile:


It’s a pleasure and i am honor to have cross your path in life Sir!

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Hi, if I may add one more thought to the conversation.

Due to my lack of experience with both Blender and your bezier tool the only thing I can truly think of right off the bat that could be helpful (and probably a simple fix) is a more intuitive way to close (snap 2 vertices) to form an object is with some type of visual feedback similar to Illustrator where a small circle appears over cursor indicating when the vertices are within distance of properly closing.

I wrestled a bit with trying to close a few shapes as the points were probably just a few micro hairs away from each other then I learned on a few of your YouTube videos that ALT is the answer for snapping/closing a shape which is good. lol

Just my 2 cents worth.
I appreciate that you listen to everyone to improve the functionality and like everyone else says in this thread, I foresee a huge future for what you are doing.

btw, does this mean anything to you? I keep getting this bomb when I hit the ALT key.

The pleasure is mine!
But I am much happier to simply be a good friend rather than Sir :slight_smile:

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As you wish my good friend!:smiley:

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This was a genuine defect. Thanks for pointing it out. It’s fixed in the latest version.

I have implemented a kind of visual feedback in the latest version (0.9.68). When the pointer is near a snapping point, the snapping point will glow up with a red indicator. Pressing alt will snap the pointer to this point.

For this to work, you will need to enable the Snap Indicator option from Snapping Preferences in the add-on dialog (by default the option is unchecked). You can also change the size of the snapping point (just in case if it’s too small for your taste : ) as well as the snap distance.


Hi @Khemadeva I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when we activate your flexy bezier active tool, the bar overwrites everything, and some tools like snapping and more are no longer accessible … wouldn’t it be better to follow the design of the other active tools for consistency?

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Hi @amon_paike Of course one should respect the overall design principles. But the Flexi tools have a different set of snap orientation and origin criteria. If I were to show both the default and the tool specific snapping options, it would be very confusing to the user.

Also, when one of the Flexi tools is active, the functionality of other tools (like Select for example) may not necessarily be available. For example, pressing A while Select tool is active will select all the objects. Whereas when the Flexi Edit is active, the same key will select all the segments of splines in current selection. So for operations like move, scale etc. (when the default snapping options matter), users are supposed to first make the Select (or some other relevant) tool active.

Hope I have been able to clarify the point and not made it more confusing :slight_smile:

@Khemadeva Any chance you could allow users to change some hotkeys?
I’m using Maya-like alt+lmb/mmb/rmb controls, and right now I can’t rotate the viewport!

edit: additionally, having all the regular curve mode context menu available would be great! now I have to switch to a select tool, select the spline, go into edit mode, just to use addons like Bezier CAD
Having the items that are currently in the sidebar available in a context menu would be great as well!
I almost never work with the sidebar visible.
The toolbar at the top, where you currently display the snapping settings might be a good place for them as well

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