Flexi Bezier Tool

Hi Polynut! I am not sure if I understand the requirement right. But have you tried the Join Paths tool in the toolkit?


Thank you very much since i never thought for a second to look at the tool panel and there it was!

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Just want to say a big THANK YOU!!!
Your add-on is an awesome improvement in a workflow.
The way I can skip all tedious steps … like add curve object, delete points, start to add control points and finally after that correct shape by selecting handles … just simply draw almost final shape … uf. Thank you :slight_smile:

I dont know if its because I have Adobe background or I don`t know to use blender curve properly, but finally I can feel like a human :slight_smile: (human - in any meaning that came up to your mind :slight_smile: )

Just looks like add-on is not ready for 2.82 right? I cant see it on an addon list after installation. 2.80 works great.


You are most welcome and thank you from me as well for the cool feedback!
My motiovation comes mostly from comments like this :slight_smile:

I have been using the add-on also with 2.82 without any problems so far.
Could you check the console to see if there are any errors after installing the add-on.
Also, I assume you are installing the script py file from this location.
You might also want to check if, after installing it, the script file (blenderbezierutils.py) is getting correctly copied in the add-ons folder: /blender/2.82/scripts/addons

Hmm … I don’t know what to say. It’s on the list now in 2.82 as well.

Morning I did installation from that directory, there was no error in installation, I saw script in proper place installed, I also closed and opened blender again, but after all of that it still wasn’t shown in search. Hmm … something in between land and sky :slight_smile: OK, forget it, thanks and sorry for bothering you :slight_smile:

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The functionality to configure hotkeys from add-on preferences is now available in the latest version of the toolkit (0.9.71). The usage is pretty intuitive. But here’s a short video that demonstrates how to change 1) “Snap to Vert” hotkey from Alt to T and 2) “Undo Last Seg” in Flexi Draw to Q (just as examples).

I could not find a suitable sample code for this particular requirement, so have done some experimental coding (which tends to be a bit hacky :slight_smile: ) So just let me know if you face any issues.

Please note, there are some reserved keys like X, Y, Z (used for locking to axis or plane), Space, Enter, Escape which are not available for assignment. Also if the key is already assigned, it can’t be assigned to another op again.


thank you for creating this plugin

id like to request a function or selection hover restriction
vertex mode select ( selects vertex ) , segment mode ( line or 2 points ) , spline select ( whole spline or curve )

similar to 3ds max splines


  1. is there way to change spacebar = confirm into another key? like right click to confirm
    currently my spacebar is assigned as pan in 3d viewport

  2. is it possible to activate the gizmo while using the tool?

  3. how do i contrain to 90 degrees using shift or draw a straight line

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You might want to check the Flexi Edit tool and the other toolkit related videos (playlist link in the first post of this topic). There is now also delete segment and highlight snap point functionality available in Flexi Edit. I am planning to publish a short youtube video on the newer enhancements soon.

There are currently three ways to confirm: spacebar / enter / double click. Additionally, if you press Shift while confirming, the curve will be autoclosed. At the moment, this is not configurable due to some technical challenges in the code.

The gizmo tools are accessible in Flexi Edit. They are unusable only during drawing, and that’s a known issue. I tried to find a fix, but looks like there is no easy solution to the problem at this point. So currently, while using Flexi Draw, if you want to use the gizmos, you will have to switch to the select tool (hotkey - Escape).

You need to hold down Shift (configurable) to constrain the angle. Also, in origin drop-down, you will need to select Reference Line Point option. Please check this post.
Apart from constraining the angle, a number of other snapping & constraining features are available in all three Flexi tools. You might want to check out the related video.

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Hi Khemadeva,

I got an error that happen to me in some scene when closing a path and the strange thing is that if i open a new scene and do the same path tracing and it is working fine but once i have the error in a scene i cannot make it work again in that scene.

Here the error message that show up ;

Hi Polynut,

I checked the code and I think in the scene you are working on, there’s is a curve object with spline that has no Bezier points. (Spline is basically a separate part in curve, so for example in a curve converted from text there are roughly as many splines as letters. ) This is actually an invalid condition as each spline is supposed to have at least one Bezier point.
Please paste the following command in the console window (available in scripting workspace) and hit enter. This will show you all the curve objects with Bezier point count in each spline in them. The curve object with a Bezier point count zero for any of its spline is invalid and it may be better to delete and re-create it to avoid problems like this.

[(o.name, [len(s.bezier_points) for s in o.data.splines if s.type == 'BEZIER']) for o in bpy.data.objects if o.type == 'CURVE']

If possible, please share the blend file.

Again, for bugs, you might want to consider using the Github Issues page, so that we can have centralized tracking.

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Btw did you check the Curve Tools Add-on? Looks like it has got many of the tools you need, including outline.

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Yes i tried them but the offset curve don’t work on any complex shape, on simple shape it is working but the minute you have something a little more complex it is not working.

I now use Inkscape since the outset tool work wonderfully well even on very complex shape but it make working a pain since i need to scale and export&import.

Would be really nice if all the bezier features set would be in one single addon.


Thank you for this amazing addon, this will make the archviz modelling much easier. This was the one thing which blender was lacking. It is complete now, Thanks again.

Suggestions: -
Snapping options can be improved, you know better how to enhance it more. Keep up the good work!

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Maybe I did not read it full discussion on this but do we have the offset by value feature in this add-on?
Also, which modifier should we use just to extrude an enclosed shape in 3D without converting it to mesh?