Flexi Bezier Tool

Here’s a preview of the intersect curves functionality (this is not yet available for download).


Awesome work, your progress gets even better each time.

Here I am trying to create a new curve, though it automatically joins the other two and interpolates.

Sometimes this is very desired especialy when you want to blend two curves. This time I want to place a brand new curve without any interferrence.

You can press Ctrl+Z after creating the new curve to make it separate.


It has been a lot of time since my last visit in this thread. Is there any implementation of booleans in the add-on Khemadeva?

Not at the moment. I’m busy with some personal things. So not sure when I can work on this.
Will try and update you.


I tend to think that the addon should have these options by default:

  • Display Orientation / Origin Axis disabled
  • Display Keymap enabled

Displaying hotkeys on the viewport is very useful for new users of the addon.


Stay safe out there!

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The Intersect Curves option is added in version 0.9.93.


Is it possible to normalize a spline with this addon? I mean equalizing the length of segments wile keeping the shape. If not can this be added as a new feature? Thanks!


wow… @Khemadeva… wow again…

intersect working really good… differents intersections result options are amazing.

thank bro


Is there a way to insert a spline vert/knot where your mouse is hovered over? I was trying to figure that out, but didn’t see anything immediately.


You can press Ctrl+LMB to insert a point at any location on the curve.


This may not be possible since the connecting segments of a free Bezier points are totally independent of each other and thus the point can’t be merged / dissolved. An approximation, however, is possible whereby the shape would change slightly (get smoothed out) at the knots but other places it will remain intact.
Right now I am unable to work on this add-on due some issues on personal front. Will let you know if there’s any progress.


Thanks for reply! I also found an older addon that you can get inspiration from https://gist.github.com/zeffii/5796615
I wish you all the best and good health!

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Nice addon Thanks it’s great :slight_smile: do you plain to use curve for boleean operation in the future ?

Hi Khemadeva!

First of all, fantastic add-on, I wouldn’t mind to pay for it for sure.

I have a little problem though. Setting the handle type doesn’t seem to work for me.
When I go into “Flexi Edit Bezier” mode and hover over a handle, then I press “S” and select any of the handle types, it has no effect on the handle.

Any idea what could be causeing this?

I am using Blender 2.83 todays release.


Thank you for the nice feedback :slight_smile:

Did you check this video: https://youtu.be/xspU6_qiPPE
Also, for one user, who had a similar problem the problem got fixed it by upgrading to Windows 10.
Are you using an earlier version of Windows by any chance?

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Yes, it is on the plan. But not sure when I will get the time to work on it.


Addon version: 0.9.93
Blender version: 2.82a

I just created this shape with Flexi Draw Bezier:

And when I pressed TAB, I got this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “E:\blender\blender_official\2.82\scripts\startup\bl_operators\wm.py”, line 1681, in execute
if fn(context, space_type, self.name, as_fallback=self.as_fallback):
File “E:\blender\blender_official\2.82\scripts\startup\bl_ui\space_toolsystem_common.py”, line 958, in activate_by_id
_activate_by_item(context, space_type, item, index, as_fallback=as_fallback)
File “E:\blender\blender_official\2.82\scripts\startup\bl_ui\space_toolsystem_common.py”, line 920, in _activate_by_item
item_fallback, _index = cls._tool_get_active_by_index(context, select_index)
File “E:\blender\blender_official\2.82\scripts\startup\bl_ui\space_toolsystem_common.py”, line 373, in _tool_get_active_by_index
item = item[index]
IndexError: tuple index out of range

location: :-1

From the traceback, this does not seem to be related to Flexi Tool. You may want to check if there is any other add-on active, which intercepts the TAB event.