Flexi Bezier Tool

@Khemadeva, if you add option to use shrinkwrap while using flexibezier tool mode can be a solution.

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HI Blender people, I can not for the life of me get this add-on to show? I’ve downloaded the .py file, installed it but the bezier utility just doesn’t show in the available add-ons? I’m using the latest blender 2.90 (is that the issue? It only works with 2.80?) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Follow the github Installation instructions

Hi again, sorry to bother you, i found a little bug, when i switch the keymap between snap to vert and snap to grid, everything is working at first.

Then when i close blender, relauch it, as soon as i try to use the tool (first point) blender gives me an error and crash instantaneously.

Not very urgent to resolve since everything else work perfectly but may worth to look into it.


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Have you been able to install the add-on finally?
If not (excuse me if this is too obvious) is the Community tab enabled in the install add-on dialog.
Also, after installation make sure you see the following message in the console:
Modules Installed (blenderbezierutils) from <source_folder> into <blender_config_folder>

Please check whether the py file is available in the blender config folder.
Let me know if you still face problems with the installation.

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Thank you for reporting the issue.
This is fixed in the latest upload.


Everything is working as it should now, thanks for your work.

Removed the post because i found the solution sorry.

It is about increasing functionality not a Issue report: Please enable same feature like in grease pencil scroll wheel to adjust subdivision/resolution of the curve in 3d viewport, however i think you don’t include maybe due to stability issue but please have an option to enable it. In archviz it is very helpful. In 3ds max, 80 percent of architectural modelling work is done is Spline why blender don’t emphasize on improving curve functionality even in after effect animation curve is used heavily, simple operation like auto-smooth are not yet present. Boolean modifier will be great. Anyway if you find time then only work on it.

After the curve has been created, is it possible to, for example, snap one curve point in the same plane as another, vertically or horizontally? An example of what I’m saying is in Blender, when you turn on vertex snapping you can snap one vertex directly in line with another in the same plane vertically or horizontally no matter how far away it is. Or in 3ds max, you can turn on snapping and axis constraint to snap one vertex directly in line vertically or horizontally with another vertex. Please let me know if you can do this with this tool, and if not, I think it would be a great feature to add. Thanks a lot, the tool is really cool.