Flexible Follow Camera with Collision detection for player

I am trying to get a follow camera for my character that will track the character, but not allow the camera to pass through walls or objects. So i made the setup below, where the camera is parented to a rigid body object connected to the player via a hinge joint. So in general the camera follows the player and will not pass through objects. However, the response is in some serious need of damping to slow down the jerkiness when the follow camera object collides with something. Blend file is attached.

I don’t want to re-invent the wheel, so if someone know a way to achieve this, i have seen the examples where they switch cameras based on ray detection, but that seems too jumpy.


Camera Follow Flexible 01.blend (583 KB)

BluePrintRandom did this example, more intended to be used in a third person template, but maybe you find something usable for you :slight_smile: