FlexRig animation tests

This is just a simple jump exercise with
the Cookie FlexRig, looped 4 times.

I’m intersted in any criticisms about the
animation. The only other feature of note
is the motion blur - is it configured effectively?http://youtu.be/JDE-ezzpYpI

Thanks in advance,


First thought is the upper body is too stiff and the head snaps back into position to quickly. You need some secondary action and follow through to help make it feel natural.

Thanks Shamus,

I’ve done some work on the changes you prescribed
about the upper body / secondary motion - and it
does look significantly better!

Any further observations?



Here’s another exercise - a stylised walk cycle - my mentor
was dubious about the way the head bobs backwards after
the low - but accepted that it was a subjective thought
when character attitude comes into play.

Here’s another walk cycle exercise - different character with a contrasting style.

Onto a run cycle. It wasn’t until I rendered to video that
I really noticed how loose I’d made the spine - too much
I think. Also, the timing and flow of the jiggle controls is weak.

I did invest some time in setting up compositing for an
approximate global illumination effect. Apart from rendering
bug artefacts, it seems quite reasonable for the render speed.

Observations and criticisms appreciated :slight_smile:

This is another exercise - the focus in
this one being on prop interaction.