flexrig links/appends/lattices. How to bring in additional lattices when linked

Hi I am using a flexrig character I created but have added extra clothing to it (namely hat, scarf and glasses).
I ahve had loads of help from a guy called DanPro who, without his help would have given up ages ago so a big thanks to him.

I have added a scarf mesh to the character and wanted to know the best way to go around animating it when the body bends and twists etc. At the moment it disapears into the body a little that i want to resolve and was told lattices with shape keys might be the way to go. I have managed to figure something out in my character blend file and it works fine but when i link the character file into my animation file (which I have done a lot of work on so dont want to restart it) the lattices dont come over and the scarf cant be edited. Remember when you import the link into another file in flexrig it comes over as a hi res and low res which i put on different layers.

Anybody got any ideas of where i could be going wrong If you need the file to take a look at i will have to delete certain things to reduce the file size below 30mg which wouldnt be a problem if i can sort the problem out. I am a little new to this so a step by step guide to remedy or a link to a video tutorial would be really appreciated.

Many thanks

OK I have taken another look at this problem from a different perspective. I have used hooks instead.
So to reiterate I have used lattice mods, bones, and now hooks to deform my scarf on my flexrig character. All work fairly well and each has its merits. But again I have the same problem. The mod (no matter which i use) doesnt successfully link to my animation file.

Can anyone please please help me with this problem so I can continue on with my project.
My grandson is going to be hitting puberty by the time i get my educational video for his ABCs finished LOL

Many than