Flexy - Bones Animation Test

This is my first attempt at using bones for animation in Blender. I hope to do something more complex with “Flexy” in the future.

At the point where one end touches the floor and the other end starts to rise up off the floor, the only way I could figure out how to do that was to create a new key frame right after that where the whole bone assembly is flipped 180 degrees on the X-Axis. Otherwise, when trying to straighten out the bones from the last child bone (now on the bottom) to the root bone (now on the top), the object would end up performing strange rotations and translations in the animation.

I would think there’d be a more elegant solution to this. Any ideas?

Unfortunately that’s a legitimately complex problem.
You might want to try having the root in the middle of the object and then have two IK chains of bones leading to the ends.