Flickering Animation [solved]

So I was thinking that bilatural blur could be a good way to cheap out on some render times, but the result I got is a little… flickery?


The flickering comes from high error values on the AO approximation. Lower the error value, and it will remove the flickering.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

I am blurring via compositing (bilateral blur node)

are you sure that this glitching comes from bilateral blur?
Because it looks like you are using high error values in Approximate Ambient Occlusion.

I am not, and I shall try that.

After a 10 frame render, this looks like exactly the problem. Dropped the error value and the flickering seemed to clean right up, thanks a ton!

Updated. I took off the bilateral blur (as it does not seem to be needed at this point). Also updated the post, since it’s not about bilateral blur any more :stuck_out_tongue:

ok! glad of it helped! :smiley:
Try with vector blur, with “curved” checked. Maybe it adds some more realism!