Flickering Faces In Animation - WHY!

When I render my movie ( see screenshot below ) all the faces flicker when the camera moves around. Why is this happening? Is it the Normals? Is it the lighting? This happens every time I use tools like Spin, Extrude, ect. The model gets all messy and flickering when the camera moves around.

Recalculating Normals to Outside ( Ctrl+n ) doesn’t help, since there are always faces that look ugly in solid mode. So I flip them manually and it still flickers.

Things Ive checked so far:

The current lighting is a Sun
There are no doubles
There are no overlapping faces


That’s usually flat faces that are set smooth. Select the offending faces in edit mode and Set Solid (F9).

So, setting it on Solid fixes it? Thanks.

Edit: I did a test render, and it works. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, FINE SIR! I had so much trouble solving this, and setting it to solid faces fixes it.

I shall never use Smooth again! Thanks.

Oh yes, you’ll need it to keep from having to subsurf the heck out of your models.

Yes, I know. I meant I’ll never use Smooth faces on complex meshs with polygons in odd places.

For terrain and simple objects, yeah, smooth is good.

You’ll nuance that with time and learn when to use set smooth. Myself I use almost only Wkey > Set Smooth in EditMode on selected faces. That way, even on complex objects, I can selectively smooth parts which don’t have to be modeled in so much detail then. As a rule I never smooth flat parts.

Jean, any particular reason for not using SetSmooth with AutoSmooth on?


Cause I am a control freak?

Seriously, Autosmooth has its place some objects but usually those are not the ones with lots of variation in their shape. I just find that defining what’s going to be smooth and what won’t as you go and model makes sense, design wise, that it helps staying focussed, meaningful.



You sound just like me but with a good attitude.