Flickering Lines

Can I have some advice? How can I stop the horizonal lines stop flickering in the horizon?

I created a plane, subdivided it, then used a wireframe modifier.

I am using an emission colour, with bloom switched on, rendered in Evee.

I then added an arraay to extend the lenght of the grid so I cna then animate it.

Just thinking, should I simply animate the camera and lock the heart to it?

To me it looks like you rendered directly into video format. You should always render uncompressed single frames and then combine them in Blender vfx (or any other video software). Especially with such fine lines, it also helps to render the frames twice as large and to reduce them in vfx.
For the second question, i can’t tell but i would allways avoid narrow lines when planning.

Thanks I am rendering as png, then putting it together in AE - I am trying the pngs with no compression now…

Hmm, the compression in png should not be noticeable because it is lossless. I always use .exr maybe the 32bit make the difference.

Mario thanks - it’s not fixed it but made a big difference. Enough for me to head in the right direction anyway!

I’m glad it helped a bit. I read something about Eevee and anti-aliasing problems somewhere, but now I don’t know where