Flickering Render?

I just finished a render and it flickers and I don’t know why.


It doesn’t make sense as at the beginning it flickers even though the camera is still.
It still flickers once the camera starts moving, and stops when the camera stops.

Anybody any ideas?


It’s a problem with normals. Make sure you don’t have two copies of the mesh in the same place. Remove doubles. Check you don’t have any overlapping faces. Recalculate normals outside (CTRL-N). You should probably also use either autosmoothing or the edgesplit modifier (I prefer the modifier).

Ok, I did w -> remove doubles to all of the objects and it removed no doubles.
I also did ctrl n and when I did a 1 second test I still get the flicker.

Did you try adding an edge spilt modifier on the bridge supports?

It really does look like faulty normals, but I notice that it stops flickering at the end but the animation continues (water still wobbles) could there be a weird lighting issue? Look at what changes in your blend file at the end.

I get flickering as well and I do not know how to get rid of it.
Every time I map texturea and apply it to normals I get this flickering when moving camera.