Flickering textures

Up to now i was using orthographic, so I added perspective and where animated images meet there is flickering Example. I have a plant that rocks back and forth slightly, it is placed in the ground, right where the ground and plant meet it flickers. this only happens in perspective not ortho. I am using 2.49


If the faces of the plant and the ground intersect at a steep angle then there could be a slight bit of what is known as Z-fighting, the easiest way to solve this would be to shorten the draw distance for the camera (especially if it’s a very high distance that may not be necessary), otherwise you would have to have a Z-buffer with a higher bit-depth (which I’m not entirely sure if that can be done with the GLSL API, if not then it would be a very nice new feature for the BGE as part of Kupoman’s GSoC project)

The angles are 90 degrees I tries many different distances and still no luck The way i have it now the camera is very far away from the scene about a - 400 ( i want very little perspective) with the lens at 180 I can play with those and have but tons of flickering. What else can i try?


I think the clip start is important too.