Here’s another fun 3D sketch I made :smiley:
The original concept is from the web comic “Moff & Flickerlee” by StressedJenny:

And if you like to see more of my stuff you can find it here


Really liked it!
I would choose a turquoise color for the background though, as else the image feels a bit desaturated.

Very nice sculpting! Are you going to add a material to it?

Very good idea, must do it, in any case you’re a very good designer.

Thank you guys! :smiley:
I actually like it with just one hue for the entire image but that’s a good point amitk. I try to get the most contrast from the brightness/darkness. Also I usually use this material and lighting setup for my 3D sketches where I can just focus on the modeling Cg Dolux :wink: Maybe I come back to this model and texture & render it properly but for now this is final.