Flickery selection after ATI driver update

Hi guys,

While selecting vertices they sometimes only stay selected for a fraction of a second - I select a vertex and it lights up and then out again instantly. I have to try a few times to get it to stay selected, and funny enough if I hit Undo it goes through all those selections and deselections, so I guess it’s registering multiple clicks.

This started happening after an update to the latest drivers on my laptop’s Radeon HD 5850. Windows 7 64bit.

Any clue on some setting I can tweak on the graphics card to stop this behaviour? Thank you for your help!

Is the ATI Catylist controll Center running (it apears in an icon on the task bar)? If so disable it.

Thanks for the quick reply gat19g. It was running and I killed the process via the task manager (any other way to disable it aside from taking it off the start-up programs and restarting? I couldn’t find any). The behavior remains though. Any other tips?

LOL, nevermind. Too quick blaming the driver update there, although it was an interesting coincidence - the fact that it was registering multiple clicks made me wonder if it was actually the mouse that was starting to show its age, and sure enough everything works fine with another mouse. :slight_smile:

Sorry for taking your time there. Solved!

No Problem :smiley: