Flickery textures, and removing textures

Hi all, I am texturing the hallway I am modeling (which I wrote about in the modeling forum, http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=168493)

I am applying the texture images to their respective faces in my hallway. I’m finding that a few have been troublesome, and I’ve had to play around with flipping normals under both the face editing menu, and the specials menu.

A few textures work fine, a few work but show color on the opposite side, and a few are flickery… I don’t know how to explain it so here is a pic.

Also, the flickery texture is supposed to be two transparent windows…could that be causing an issue? These are all .pngs made in Gimp.

Finally, is there an easy way to delete a texture from a face entirely?


I offer up my Sci-Fi hallway scene. Maybe it can help. It uses a block of geometry that is duplicated along a curve using the array modifier. You can edit the curve to bend the hallway. The base mesh has multiple materials applied so you can simply replace them with your image maps. Edit the base object and it will ripple along the curve to all the duplicates.


ras_sci-fi_hallway_1c.blend (370 KB)

Thank you Atom, I will try my best to work with this, though I’ve only been working with Blender for a week so even the simple stuff takes me a little while to work through… but thank you so much for letting me use it for reference =)

BTW, I love the hallway, you did a great job… if I had more time for my project, I would hope that it would have turned out looking like yours. Keep up the good work!