I am working on getting the red right but it is not going well. Any ideas would be good.

The basic model is very good!
But i would like to offer some help considering the topology of the pilz.

1 the texture on the stump could be improved. Are you using projection painting? If so, unwrap the model and paint over manually.

2 there are little sharp edges here, i don’t know if they are intentional, but if they are not, i would consider smoothing them out.

3 Are you using particles to distribute these lumps? if so, use a different mesh to emit the particles so you wont have overhangs like this.

Also blurring the background would help the image look better, and focus the attention of the viewer on the pilz.
The image is very bland for now because you only have one object in it. Consider adding grass, bugs or leaves to make it more interesting.

Thanks for the tips. To start off, it is bland because it is just one object from a future full picture that I am working on. Give you a hint, look at my other objects. :slight_smile:

The sharp edges are intentional. The real thing is sort of torn there but having just look at a lot more pics they don’t all look like that. What are you basing your idea on that it should be smoothed out? I was not going to post source images because I am not sure who to credit but here it is. Thanks whoever took this! I guess looking at it close it might need some smoothing. What is your call after seeing the reference? Be sure to zoom in.

Yes, particles. How would I go about using a different mesh to do that? I have come to the point where I might just set the things by hand! Also in some reference pics they do hang over like that but that is not what I like.

How would you improve the stem? What do you see that is not good? It is a UV unwrap using project from view and then image mapped and bump mapped.

Thanks for the help!
Douglas E Knapp

The stem sticks out from the image because you essentially used another image inside your image. The stems texture carries the lighting of the image it was taken from, wich is different from the lighting in your image.

The geometry at problem 2 is not watertight because of your modifier stack, and the edges are too jagged

For the particle distribution, duplicate your mesh wich you want to emit from, then cut off parts of the new mesh where you dont want particles, then inside the particle panel, turn off render emitter.

Great point and sadly not the first time I have made that mistake.