flies away?

whenever i make a character animated so when he moves forward the animation run starts i can’t reposition him or he just flies away… the further away i put him from where i made him the faster he flies away. like if he i made him in the middle of the grid then he has to stay there or he flies away.

help please?

Depending on how your character is animated you can do several things.

First, you need to make sure your dynamic object is a compound object. (to do that, go to the game logic screen, click bounds, then compound).

Also, if you are using armatures, you want to bake the actions that you have animated.

If these do not work, please provide a .blend file that we can diagnose.


bye bake the action’s you mean bake every frame saved for the bones?

if you select all character faces, disable collision for all faces ( Copy draw button), maybe your character will stay in place?!

well i dont want him to stay in place… i want him to walk around and still be able to collide off walls and ground, if i leave the guy in the middle of the grid then its just fine.

you could actually parent whatever object you have to an empty (make sure it’s compound) and it will be able to handle dynamic collisions.


thanks for the advise :yes: , but that still doesn’t fix my problem…:no:

I bet you animated your walkcycle with the whole character moving. The walkcycle should really be a “walk-in-place” cycle, and then you add a motion actuator to get the armature to move. Make sure that the mesh object is a ghost.

i already made him run in place but i didn’t make the mesh a ghost i’ll try that thanks.