Fligh%'s pic always reminds me of...



omg, everytime…reminds me of it…but then i realise its just a truck inbetween two trees… :confused:

You’ll have to show me a pic of an AT-AT (sounds like a rat-tat-tat without the rat)

Aww… OK!


Did they make those made in Detroit?


Wow Fligh %, I can hardly believe you’ve never seen Star Wars.


In case you don’t see one on the first page, there’s also a small bipedal one which is actually more common in the SW universe, but after Episode IV everyone thinks of the super-large heavy units first.

Never seen Star Wars? The LORD will smite thee.


Yeah, I searched it after answering. Ok, so now my little closet secret is out.



I think it’s more like the AT-ST:


It took me a while to see it was a truck stuck between two trees too - I thought it was the Star Wars vehicle for ages.

I think the avatar is related to the name fligh%. What I don’t understand is the space between fligh and %. In my head it keeps getting pronounced flee, which in Scottish can actually mean fly so I guess it’s not far off.

What I don’t understand is the space between fligh and %.

Fligh is a skydiving nickname that stuck. The % had a < attatched when I registered that never got thru the mill and I never bothered to ask anyone to remove it. I just used the %< as a signoff ever since, it’s supposed to be (fltr) a head, arms, torso and legs… freefall!
Anyhow, I gotta go watch Final Fantasy now.


I thought it was a truck flying in the air though trees…

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/4/49/Atst.jpg/180px-Atst.jpg https://blenderartists.org/forum/images/avatars/ac9b21753edab961bebc8.jpg

OMG I had no idea it wasnt an at-at / at-st :o

I think it’s from an old Urbanus film.
It was a cheap scene to avoid Hollywood-like effects.
You hear something happening, a crash of some sort.
Next scene his truck is hanging in the trees.


I saw that “Tree Truck” on Ripley’s Believe It or Not a while ago. Some guy decided to make a treehouse out of one of his old trucks.

Here’s another angle (with some chicks too):

Dammit, you could be right.
It’s the same truck.

And those Star Wars geeks not knowing the obvious difference between the AT-AT and the AT-ST, shame on you!

As a kid I knew someone who had the AT-AT.
My mom gave me the AT-ST so I lost every battle.
But then again, I had the Falcon :]

Fligh % didnt know what a M.I.L.F. was either, haha, what a looser :smiley:
go watch starwars with a hot older woman and you life will be complete :wink:

vliegtugeg, i don’t know if that post was directed towards me, but i know what an at-st is, but i still think it looks like an at-at. And if you havent seen starwars…you have no life

The whole Chicks thing just ruins the evil Imperial/AT-ST feeling.

Of course they could be imperial Sirens!


Fligh % didnt know what a M.I.L.F. was either, haha, what a looser
go watch starwars with a hot older woman and you life will be complete

At my age it’s getting close to impossible to find a woman older than me. It’s going to be even closer to impossible to find one that’s still awake when its time to go to the flick and I’m not sure they’ll be able to stay awake thru the whole thing.


You’ve got to understand something: for some of us older guys those women you call MILF are just the ones we went to school with, dated during high school and college and ended up marrying. They gave us children and are basically the center of our lives. When you have a loving wife you don’t really need to know what a lonely teenager’s wet dreams are for your “life to be complete”, you collect power tools for that.

I really don’t get how some of you mistook the pickup truck for some Star Wars thingamajig. It must be true that the younger generation’s brains are going to waste because of TV and video games. Hahaha.


flame on… :stuck_out_tongue:

haha no flame on Bussman makes a good point, and i hope to have a center to my life like that, but dont you tell me you never checked out a older woman when you were young because i wont believe it!!

Alright, alright, you got me! There was this 36 year old stripper when I was 19. I was in a band, she had huge melons and bought me lots of beer. She taught me all I know about sex. I don’t remember much about her but my bandmates told me I had a good time. Just don’t tell my wife OK?

<edit>Obviously she did not teach me how to spell.</edit>