Flight-Controller with Leap Motion

I have developed a flight-controller for the BGE with Python and Leap Motion. The user controls the orientation of the camera and the direction of the movement of the camera by the motion of his hand. Here you can see a flight through the historic centre of Landshut (Germany):

I didnt’t model this scene, I just downloaded it from Open Street View: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/3D_Development

The blender file in the attachement contains the flight-controller but not the city.


leap-motion-flightcontroller.blend (610 KB)

I downloaded the blend file. Where did you put the files for Leap? What Operating System are you using to run Blender and what version of Blender are you using in the video? I am unable to get the Leap files working, getting errors about the _LeapPython.so file. I am using a Mac Mini with OS X 10.8.4. Any help would be appreciated!

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 32bit and Blender 2.68. (I also have a Ubuntu 12.04 64bit system, but the Linux 64bit Version of Leap Motion doesn’t work on this system.)

You have to solve two problems to be able to use leap Motion inside Blender:

Blender has it’s own Python environment embedded.
If you want to use Python modules developed in C++ inside Blender, they have to be compiled in the same way as Blender. (That’s why it is so difficult to use Numpy and Matplotlib inside Blender.) To be sure about that, I compiled Blender from the sources on my system. Because Blender 2.68 only compiles with Python 3.3, I also had to compile Python 3.3 on my system. In the synaptic packet manager of Ubuntu 12.04 there is only Python 3.2 available. (The synaptic packet manager is a kind of Open Source AppStore of Ubuntu.)

Leap Motion has only Python 2 modules.
You have to generate the Python interface with Swig and compile it for Python 3.3 on your system. Here you can find a working step-by-step instruction: http://www.warp1337.com/content/leap-motion-sdk-python3-python-33-ubuntu

Hey, Could you Help me out on how to generate the Python Interface with swig and compile it for Python 3.3. The link posed by you no longer exits. Please Help me out, I am also working with Leap motion and Ubuntu 15.10 with Blender 2.77. Please Help me