Flight game - tips and questions

hello gamelovers!
I haven’t really posted any info about a game I am working on so I’ll do that now: doing a flight simulation, an air shooter, nothing big but something I recently started working on and just can’t stop… I made some mistakes that would take a lot of time to make right and learned some great stuff to make game run smoother (evil frame rate is always going down :mad:) so in the next few posts I will share my tricks and ask if anyone knows answers to some of my questions. Please, ask away anything if you like!
So here is the image:

So the story is this: airplane has all the movable parts right: wheels are going down, flaps and airelons are moving via IPO, havent done acceleration and braking yet (but I will), shooting works fine but not acctualy hitting anything yet (but it will :slight_smile: still plan to work on textures, the ones I have are good but not like I want them to be.
So to share some of my expirience:
TIP! best tip I learned is to do with textures - on a game with a lot of them, try to keep their size very low, mine are under 30kb and (most important) make them sqare (400x400 or whatever size). I gained about 10fps with this!!!
The mistake I made with my terrain is it has too many vertices where it should not have. So for the future, anyone making a terrain try to perticipate where you need a lot of vertices and where not.
Cant really think of other tips right now (acctually I can but they are too complicated to explain in a few words) so ask anything and i hope I will have a demo readdy soon.

Looks good… I recommend that you work some more on shading, though. You’re off to a good start, but the shading still doesn’t look quite right. Most objects are still mostly one uniform shade.

Great avatar, by the way.

looks good. I’ve been waiting for some more flight sim games for blender :smiley:

Is the camera solidly attached to the plane? I think it would be better if it had a bit of movement. Anyway, i look forward to the demo!

May I add a bit to your tip on textures and potentially increase your framerate?

In the Blender Game Engine, textures should be dimensioned in powers of 2. If you don’t dimension in powers of 2, the Rasterizer will scale the textures in memory (which will decrease framerate). Just as a handy little reference, the powers of 2 are:

2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, etc.

Newer graphics cards can support dimensions even higher than what I’ve listed. Most older graphics cards support images dimensioned up to 1024 x 1024.

hey, Ive been working on my own space-themed flight sim game too. I have a good camera system worked out, if you need one.

theres the thread.

as for your game, it looks really cool. I really do like the landscapes. As for teh water, it looks way too much like it was tiled.(although it probably was)

Thanks to all! Shading and water are still things that I haven’t come around to yet so they are still very primitive, I left them as they were just to get the whole picture for now. Camera is also still solidly attached to plane but thanks to Clone dadd I will fiks this a.s.a.p.!
And I didn’t know about textures and powers of 2, cant wait to resize them and see the results!

yeah, Don’t directly parent the camera to the ship. it doesn’t work very well for third person flight sim games.
Glad I could help. :slight_smile:
if there are any bugs that need sorting out, just post them here


I wonder when someone is going to make a thru the cockpit flight sim with blender. I have seen a lot of these that use a chase plane type view point but that is not realistic. Is it just too hard to do?

it would probably be easier to do… I just dont have the time to make a cockpit graphic

I tought of making a cocpit view along with some others, it is not so complicated as it takes a lot of time.
Clone dadd, I made those adjustments to a camera and it runs nicely but what I need is a camera that rotates along with my plane so that wings are always horizontal. Now, that is probably easy to do with python scripts and will get to it one of these days
bigalexe, I didn’t describe a plot of the game but i’ll get to it :slight_smile:

Spacestrudel and Clone dadd I was not implying that your games were not good. I was just noteing that in 6 years of using blender I have seen a lot of flight and space sims/games but all of them are third person/chase plane viewpoints. If my coding or animation skills were anything out then beginner level AND I had the time I would do it myself. But it just occured to me why these games are always third person.

You could try decimating the landscape (Mesh Modifiers -> Decimate) but you will lose all your texturing and it will make a ton of triangles. You can convert to quads, but they will be everywhere. It’s lookin’ good though bro.

Thanks alot but that would probably complicate things and it would be easier to do another landscape from the begining.
If nobody has any questions, I have one if anyone knows: how could i do things like altimeter or speedometer so they acctualy work? I have an idea to make altimeter work for the sea level but dont know how to make it work when you are over a mountain to show distance from the ground.

What about having an object copy the XY location of the plane and follow the height of the ground.Then, get the height of the plane from that object.

Not a bad idea…Just add a “shadow” property through the UV editor, and the plane willl always stay paralell with the ground.

thanks for the ideas, i will try to look into it next week. this is my second game I made so i’m not that familiar with this stuff but will try to do it. or if anyone has some time to explain it better or send a link with an example…