Flight of arrow

I thought this could be achieved by pointing the back of the arrow at its previous position. Can someone give me a script that will piont an object to an x,y,z position? One script, one object. I could make an empty and have the arrow point at that, but I need it to be self-contained.


You can do this using particles.

1)Create an arrow
2)Create a plane and make its normal face the direction you want your arrow to travel.
3)Under the Object Buttons, click the Effects tab
4)Create a new particle effect.
5)Set Tot (Total # of particles) to 1, Sta and End to both be the frame you want your arrow to be launched
6)Set Life to a large number (1000 or more), and Keys to 32 (This makes the animation smooth)
7)Important! Click the blue Face and Vect buttons- Vect is what will calculate the rotation of the arrow.
8)Turn up the purple Norm value to around 1 (This will affect the speed your arrow travels. Turn down Force:Z to a negative number (This will act as your gravity)
9)Parent your arrow to your emitter
10)With the emitter selected, click the blue DupliVerts button in the Object Buttons.

and don’t forget to write a little script that would set up all the best params auto-magic-ally and post it here :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant in the game engine.

AFAIR there is a track-to actuator… look for it, i think it would do what you eed

Actualy all I need is somone to bust their brain with math and geometry and all that good stuff, and wright a script that will use the setOrientation() and make it point to an (X,Y,Z) point. I can’t use the trackTo, because that points to an object, and I want it to point at a point.

This would definitly work! Simply create an object that follows the same path as the arrow, but adjust the IPO curves so that the point travels slightly ahead in time. The arrow would then track to it’s future position. Good jub, solmax!