flight of my beautiful one

another one of these…
experimented with different aproaches, but chose the calm one… there is amazingly, even some happiness in it. anyways, there she is and there I am, moving gracefully across the room.

gimp+wacom, 1hour-


nice,i like the pose,why do you allways put some text on those?
i think its not indispensable.

I love the hands :smiley:

You always manage to convey a lot of emotion and feeling in your drawings that is rarely seen, IMO. And you manage to do it with very little on the page, which is another challenge unto itself.

Great work basse. And I have to say, as Alltaken has said before, you should really get your stuff into a gallery or something. It deserves it.


Basse, I have to say, I love all of your work, especially the coffee stories. :smiley:
This one is fantastic too, you are by far one of my favorite artists. :smiley:

I love the hands AND the feet :smiley:

cool picture, the happyness is comforting me in these dark days… :stuck_out_tongue: