flight sim in Blender? how to rig engines?


I want to build an aircraft in the game engine with two thrusters at it’s sides which can be tilted.

My approaches weren’t very successful except having the potential to create nice outtake reels (:

So I tried parenting the engine to the hull. This caused the servo control actuator to stop functioning. No thrust anymore.

I tried a rigid body constraint, but the engine won’t keep it’s place relative to the hull. Steers like a cow.

I tried both at the same time and invented the amazing spinning machine by accident.

So, what’s the solution? The ideal way (if not using python) would be a way to parent the engine and still let it’s thrust affect the whole aircraft. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance

Has no one really ever tried this?

It is a game not a simulator. Therefore you can use invisible physics meshes (as primitive as possible) and same nice looking display meshes that do not affect the physics (no collision).

You can even use one single object as Physics object.

if you want combined Physics objects you should use bounding type “compound” or you use rigid body joints.

It is a little bit less information from you.

Post a screenshot or better a test blend file.

A parent can pull a child but a child can’t pull a parent. That is the reason why parenting two engines to the hull then it dont work.
One solution is to parent the engines to the hull and put the motion actuator on the hull. Then only rotate the engines.

But if you want it more realistic. Then you need to use rigid body joints.
I made an example. It is no full example but it shows you how that can work.
RigidBodyJoint_Plane.blend (75.7 KB)

Here is a more advanced example. But without two engines.

Thank you very much for your answers.

With you help, I am a good bit closer to what I need to achieve.

Here’s a blendfile which goes roughly into the right direction.

Next parts would be joystick control… and a bit of stabilization.



simple-flight-simulation.blend (325 KB)


I made a air-racing ‘flight sim’ for the BGE back then.

It was a B249b Bullet Physics motion based, with very tight purpose build scene and it worked pretty well.

A open world with extreme large scale scene with motion based flight sim is not possible.

I think the extreme large scale scene would be possible to do with no-motion based flight sim engine.

Hi Xjazz

Thank you for your warning. Luckily I don’t have to accomplish a game. My goal is much easier than what you have achieved. It’s for another purpose which doesn’t require immense scenes. Just accurate movements. And two joysticks.