Flight sim - Trirotor "Zombiechopper" helicopter

Note: Raiderium asked for me to post this for him since he’s having internet issues :slight_smile:

Uses the same simulation method as with the other airplane simulation. This is a design I hope to actually realize, although that’s far off in the future.

WASD for strafing and forwards/back, Ctrl/Space for deelevate and elevate, and mouse view for aiming. E is ignition.

Due to the rotating nacelle construction it has quite a lot of aiming flexibility and can rotate forwards and back without moving very much. It’s designed to be a small weapons platform, but also simply an agile single-person transport.

Q. Why is it so wobbley and slow to respond?

A. This is a reasonably accurate simulation of propellor speed and pitch, and most of the code is dedicated towards automatically balancing the craft. Control is done by inserting small offsets into the corrections. There’s quite a lot to be done to keep it flying straight. Try turning off the engine while flying. (This also turns off autostability.)

As it is there’s still a strange unrecoverable stall; just go very high, hold forwards, and keep turning sharply around on the spot.


Tricopter.blend (113 KB)

This is pretty cool!

ok I barely know anything about game blender so I probably cant give any crits about your problem, but this is actually a pretty good helicopter demo

This is really cool.

I couldn’t tell from your post if this is intended to eventually be a game… if it is, I would make it more controllable at the expense of realism.

wow, really works
not too hard to control either.

could be textured in.

It’s another amazing contraption by Master Raiderium! I like it, but as RobCozzens says, I would sacrifice realism for fun if it were meant for a game.

FLIGHT SIM - Trirotor “Zombiechopper” helicopter

Excellent job!

Only thing what this marvellous helicopter FLIGHT SIM needs, is a joystick, throttle / collective and pedal inputs.

Also it would be nice if this auto correction feature is optional/adjustable so, you really need to fly that copter.

FLIGHT SIM - Trirotor “Zombiechopper” helicopter

Wohey, thanks everyone! ^^

Actually I’ve discovered there’s one rather “big” mistake in it, which causes it to be so slow and unenjoyable…

The physics object is being simulated as nearly 30 meters wide!
I will attempt to change this. It should be much more responsive when the helicopter is the correct 3 meters wide that it should be.

And I just made it for the heck of it! If someone wants to make a game please do so. I’d be happy to tweak it for use in a game. It can be made much more maneuverable than this by changing a few variables. (And, as said, the current scale of the simulation.)


I get so inspired about this helicopter FLIGHT SIM engine, I decided to make a multiple game controller system for it.

Let me tell to you, it work so fine :cool: The flying experience is now in completely different level.

I assigned my game controllers analog inputs via linear interpolation as following:

  • CH Joystick pitch = w/s keys
  • CH Joystick roll = a/d keys
  • Logitech Momo pedals = Mouse left /right
  • Saitek X35T “Evo” throttle = Space/CTRL modified with Engine power & collective pitch setup.

I will post later on, how to make a configuration for the JS script/line 12:
'player[‘gc_c’] =[[2,1],[2,0],[1,2],[0,1],[1,4]] ’

So far so good.

Next thing to do is a Track IR camera control :eyebrowlift:

Oh boy


Tricopter_HOTAS_v01.blend (453 KB)

This is a really nice helicopter sim template and imho difficulty is not a problem. It also gave me some cool ideas to make graphics for it. Unfortunally I’m already working on something right now, but I’m considering taking a small side project :slight_smile:

Wow. Just… wow. How did you modify it so quickly and yet not… get anything wrong?

Congrats on understanding the rather convoluted system so quickly, oO And it sounds pretty cool! Unfortunately I dun have a joystick, :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a quick explanation of how it fits together, for others:

Engines, servos and other devices (propeller blades) on the vehicle each obey simple input variables that are stored on the object. To change the power of an engine, you change the variable on the object. This prevents the script used to simulate the engine becoming too complicated. (You organise control of the motors from one script (“core”), rather than individual motor scripts.)

The ‘hull’ of the vehicle contains a number of variables. In the tricopter simulation there are a few “sensor” variables, which give the current pitch/roll of the craft. Those are set by the “sensors” script. There are also control variables, which are manipulated by “mouse” and “controls” scripts. The names are somewhat inappropriate, it should be “mouse_control” and “keyboard_control”. This is corrected in the next sim (Notagumpert vehicle).

The Core script takes all these variables and combines them to change the motor/rotor pitch/servo target angle and suchlike variables appropriately.

The Core script is also responsible for initiating some aspects of the simulation, such as the relationship between engines and the objects attached to them. (In the tricopter simulation, the propeller hubs must be attached to the engines, which are then attached to the hull…)

Anywho… whee.

Haaaa !

i knew Raider was behind all these maths ahahahha

nice work there, really nice


Thanks Raiderium.

With good inspiration you can get a fast results. Ok, the previous .blend was not perfect for other users, because it don’t have a error handling.

This version, with game cotroller error handling, is setup to work by default with four axis joystick with following specs:

  • It’s first in your windows game controller list.
  • The axis are in following order: [pitch, roll, yaw, throttle]

player[‘gc_c’] =[[0,1],[0,1],[0,2],[0,3]] # if your joystick is a second position, then change zeros to 1.

I was testing with this version a TrackIR view controlling and it is working so so so far:) I hope I will find a solution for it.

Anybody would like to contribute a wider and more colorful terrain?

Any feedback about the controller issues would be nice. Thanks.


I added the Game Input Device check .blend to check how Blender sees your joysticks etc.

The Blender detects the input values quit roughly. Only 256 resolution.
No doubt the TrackIR feels a bit jerky.
Or is it just my PC?


I added a terrain and sky dome meshes
The terrain is based to the brontosaurus’s work.
The sky dome is made by Nikolay740

The .blend file with ORIGINAL CONTROLS you can download from here:

I have a steering problem when trying to turn the copter from direct flight. The copter is veering sideways quit long until slowly gains new heading. Intent?


Tricopter_HOTAS_v02.blend (459 KB)GID_check.blend (136 KB)