flight simulator

More specifically, a space flight simulator. and not a complicated one, at that.

what I have in mind is a ship within a sphere, set to move with the ship. one or two planets, and one space station. now I have the steering configuration for the ship finished, and setting the sphere to move with the ship. However, the thing I need help on is the sphere. (AKA the star field.) that moves with the ship, but gives you the feeling you are going somewhere. my problem is this: i can’t get my star field texture to show up within the game environment. any hints?

PS: I am doing this as a learning exorcise, nothing more. I am not planning on releasing it, unless it turns out really good.

drat. I have encountered another problem. I though parenting to vertex would make it so the sphere not rotate with the ship (it would be a bit odd to have the whole of creation orient yourself with the direction your ship is facing) but it doesn’t seem to be working.

any hints?

The normals of the sphere need to face inwards. To do this, select the sphere, enter edit mode and press Ctrl-Shift-N. Then you have to UV-map it. To do this enter face mode and select a projection.

Now, if you have ‘Use Blender Materials’ checked in the game menu you also have to assign a material and texture to the sphere and select UV in ‘Map Input’ tab. You might also want to turn the sphere shadeless so that it won’t get illuminated by lamps.

Maybe you found out this already but you have to vertex parent the sphere to your ship. If you parent it “normally”, the stars will also turn when the ships turns.

You were faster than me and I didn’t see your new post. Vertex parenting should work. I tested it myself. Upload the blend if you can’t solve it.

Yoda, I was working on the same problem- if you vertex parent to 3 vertices the box will move like a normal parent, but if you only vertex parent to 1 vertex then the box will not rotate.

than I must be doing it wrong, because it didn’t work. (the vertex painting.)

thanks about the UV mapping tip. I was talking about using Blender’s built in texturing system, but it doesn’t matter

EDIT: if i only select one vertex, it tells me to select more

Select the sphere first. Then hold shift down, select your ship and enter edit mode. Release shift and select one vertice. Press Ctrl-P. Exit edit mode. That’s it.

YAY! I got it to work! However, space texture looks horrible. I will work on that now.

thank you for your help!

ok, part 2

how do you give your ship a particle emitter within the game environment? (Engine glow)

Standard Blender particles don’t work in game engine. You have to use add object actuator.


I will mess with it more tomorrow.

Here is a link to a tutorial about “particles” in the GE. Its basically what PSK131 was talking about; using the add object actuator.

thank you!

I’m playing with an outer space game set in trek era I have a good star sphere, but it just looks dead in space I need stars to move so it looks like the ship is moving. I wanted to come up with something like Klingon Academy, how do I make those stars streak across, so it looks like the ship moving?