Flight through chalk

Hi, well this might be an odd request :slight_smile:
I am trying to animate a flight through a Rebreather (scuba diving gear).
For this I need to animate a flight through some fine grained substance (in this case chalk).

Well you can imagine it as a tube full of cat litter. :smiley:
Small pieces of chalk in random positions.
And I would like to animate a flight through it.

Currently I have no idea how to do this, as to get a tiny bit of accuracy I would need to have a couple of thousand pieces of chalk in it.

I thought about particles for this, but I can not figure out how to give them some dimension (I only got pixelsized particles so far).

Maybe someone of you has a good idea, or at least a pointer to look further into it.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,



I’d love to help you myself, but if you scroll down, you can read how to do it. (I actually did it only once).

Oh, boy I am so blind…
Thanks for the pointer.

Cheers, CarsteN

I tried it now, but the result is not really what I wanted.
Either that or I have not been able to tweak the particle system properly.

E.g. I wanted to evenly fill a cube with some very small cylinders.
Make the cube with an edge length of 1 and the cylinders with radius 0.01 and length of 0.02.
That way you should be able to fit a couple of thousand cylinders in the cube

I made the cube the emitter and emitted a couple of thousand cylinders.
Works pretty good, BUT the middle of the cube gets a lot more cylinders than the rest.
AND on each strand the cylinders did not rotate randomly, they all looked aligned.
I would like the cube to be filled evenly with randomly rotated cylinders.

Any idea how to do that?

Thanks and best regards,


You could have a look at this thread. It might help.


BINGO, that is exactly what I was looking for.
And sounds fairly easy, even though pretty hefty on the CPU :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.