::Flight through clouds:: HowToDo?

(w32sew) #1

Hello everybody,

I’ve got a problem. I’d like to create a “flight through clouds” with NaN’s Blender. So, this is, what I did:

  • added some vertices to my screen
  • gave them halo-cloud-textures (with alpha-keying)
  • animate the whole thing
    it looks nice, but:
  • if i add too much vertices, the outbput is too bright
  • if i change the size of the halo, the result is a step-by-step changing of the clouds’ halo.

can anybody help me please? I got a blendered-animation which is named “mackedivx.avi”…he, who created this animation, knows, what to do (is there a tutorial available?).

kind regards


(JarellSmith) #2