Flight trough the Canyon

Hi, look at this video with sound (1,01 MB) http://www.thuro.at/f16/f16a.wmv
:smiley: there are also some other small Videos, i.e. “turkey airlines”, on my HP http://www.thuro.at in the Grafik/3D Anims (2 pages) section

Wow great job! but i few things causght my eye… the plane seems to slow down at times then rapidly speed up(key tweeking needed maybe?) the sound needed to be more dynamic, changing in pitch as went away from the jet 's engine at different angles.

and please explain wo you did that land scape!, is it terragen? if so how did u animate it?

Yes, that landscape rules! Care to share how you did it?

Yes i know the stops in the anim, but the rendering was done and so i have to render it again. There was a gap in the rendering of terragen and campath-script, i dont know why. It takes a long time to render a sequenz of 650 frames , approx. 25 hours, but i think i will do it again next time.
For the “how to” : i’ve created a grayscale picture in blender 275x275 pix , therefor i used some plugins from blender. After import that bitmap to terragen, it gives a nice landscape like a Canyon. The only what i had to do was to setup the camerapath with the campath plugin by terragen, and render the Pics in terragen. The next step was to import the campath in blender with the terr2blend.script and the camera.script. After this i’ve placed the F16 in right position ( along a blender-path ) of every frame of the animation, played a little bit with the shadows/light and render the animation. You will find a realy good tutorial in the terr2blend HP.
:expressionless: Excuse me my bad english. Thuro

Superb. Excellent use of terblend.


Really cool!! I’ll to try to use ter2blend too.

Fantastic use of the ter2blend script.

Very well done.


very nice. I like f-16’s, small, swift, and heavely armed.

Indeed. I was gonna say, is it Ter2Blend? That particular canyon i find very reminiscent of Beggar’s Canyon in the old game Rebel Assault.

Good job on the animation! I liked it a lot.

{edit} Where did you get the camera script?


thats fantastic animation and everything.

only crit i have is that you used 2d clouds in terragen rather than 3d clouds. but thats the most minor thing i could think of.


wow, really nice.

Hi, about the camera script:
[!] This script is included in the older terr2blend script but it works fine in blender 2.32. Try it out now… it’s a great script.
by Thuro


Just viewed the animation. Excellent work.


wonderful animation! bravo! everything is really wonderful, some of the turns could be smoother, and the sound could be improved, but really a wonderful job!

Very Nice. It shows you want you can do with free or almost freesoftware and a powerful computer. BTW what chip speed,video ram and RAM was the machine that you rendered this on?

Exactly what he said. :smiley:

Ahhh Thread Wakers!!! runs and hides

Hmm, why didn’t I look at this before. It looks pretty good, I love the terrain. The only remarks would be that plane comes to the ground too close at some spots… I don’t think a pilot would be crazy enough to do that. Also camera jerks a bit sometimes. Other than that it is very nice.


Nice wtih spice :smiley:

ok: nice land, nice plane, nice texturing canyon, nice sky, nice smoke but…
this heavy left turn… look unnaturaly, plane dont brake like that… but camera wor is great.

Keep on flying :smiley: