Hello! So lately I have been reading a book on color and light and wanted to apply some of that theory! Tried to make the piece feel dreamy and to have a fresh, clean, ambiance, so please let me know if I succeeded! C&C on the lighting and color are very welcome :grin: :+1: The figure is a scan of the famous. “Winged Victory of Samothrase” sculpture and the stair set is a photoscan I captured from a nearby park. Foliage is Quixel megascans and Botaniq. Thanks for checking out my piece, cheers!!


The lighting is very natural and has both a photographic and painterly feel at the same time! Would like to understand your lighting setup if you could please share.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re #featured! :tada:

I want to relax under the trees above the steps and just be in that beautiful place.

“dreamy and to have a fresh, clean, ambiance” You succeeded very well!

The lighting and the color selection give both a natural look and the pleasant fresh clean ambiance. The colors work well together and I like that the colors are from a limited set. Many people, including me, will tend to use many colors in a picture when the mood or style would be better supported but a limited set.


  • What book on color and light did you read?
  • Where did you get the statue?
  • What software or system did you use to make your own photoscan of the steps?

Very nice! Thank you for sharing.
I think my eyes look for a bit more glow (translucency probably?) from the leaves.
Hmm. Maybe the sky could match/create the feel/lighting/atmosphere a bit more?
With a little bit of tweaking to create the shape you want for the composition, the butterflies could really be used to lead the eye around the scene how you want compositionally, the rest of the scene is already set up very well in that regard.
Those are just some quick thoughts, I enjoyed the scene very much!

Great color and composition

@sumandatta Thank you very much Sir! The lighting set up is relatively basic, just a sun lamp with a yellow tinge to it, volumetric clouds and a very light volumetric fog. I also added a small amount of glare in the compositing tab to give it a more dreamy feeling! Thank you for the nice words :grin:

@bartv Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate the love :pray:

@Splododyne Wow, thank you very much for all the kind words! Its very reassuring to hear that I succeeded on the atmosphere I was going for. :grin: I actually just recently started experimenting with limited palletes, and am finding they’re very fun, and to me, its awesome to me how different palletes tend to evoke such different moods and aesthetics! The book I’m reading is, “Color and Light: A Guide for The Realist Painter” by James Gurney. I bought it years ago, and was watched a video recently from our lord and savior, Blender Guru :laughing: and he mentioned the book, so I thought Id finally read through it! The statue scan is from good ol cgtrader.com! And for the stairset scan, I used Meshroom. I find it very easy to use and with a little bit of tweaking gets very good results :grin:

@ctdabomb Thank you very much! I really appreciate the advice! I can definitely see where you’re coming from on the tips! By changing the skys feeling/atmosphere, what comes to mind for me, is maybe less heavy looking clouds and maybe a higher sun position? Whatdya think? And Ive been focusing on improving my composition as well recently so your advice on it is very useful and appreciated! :pray: Thank you again for the nice comments :grin:

@sacredwave I really appreciate it! Thank you so much! :grin:


Lovely foliage and overall image. So much detail!

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I really appreciate that Boder, Thank you! :grin: