Modeling, Lighting, Animation, Compositing, Sound Editing: Blender 2.5

Music from http://www.soundsnap.com

Sample blend file > http://depositfiles.com/files/cyfvcqy41

Visually it looks great. On the audio front it sounds like the encoding is too low quality, I could hear some boiling in the background and it wasn’t very crisp. What bitrate was it at? Vimeo reccomends 320, which admittedly quite high, but go for at least 192.

Thanks, Ben! Yeah, the audio seemed to be encoded too low, I think it was in 32. Yay! Thanks for the tip, Ben. Will do that on my next videos. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


Looks nice! I like it. yea, there is the audio problem, but other than that, it’s very nice!


that looks great. The balloons seem a little bit static, maybe the wind should animate them more
and what is the lighting? thanks

revolt_randy: Thanks, Randy. :slight_smile:

sanplomb: I basically used one spot lamp to cast diffuse and soft shadows, no specularity though. Then the fake soft box that you see in the reflection is just a plane with high emit value.