Fliir says hello...

Hi I´m Fliir,
Some people maybe know me allready from “blend.polis”, and now I thought, it would be time to register here, not at last for learning more…
I want to start with some pictures I did in the last 1,5 years, since I startet to work with Blender seriously. So I hope this is the right Thread for it, allthough this Posting is mainly about saying hello.

The newest one I can only present by a Link, because it is too big to be uploaded here:


And here the other works, the monster is a part of a not yet finished project:


Your work is inspiring. I hope you use your talents to further the blender community. Welcome.

Wow… This is some incredible stuff! I’m surprised I haven’t heard of you before…

great stuff :wink: hi.

Willkommen… I love your style and your subject matter. Do you play eve-online? You should submit some of your stuff to them, we need better ships. Hahahaha.

No but seriously I love your work. Welcome to the community. (im pretty new myself)


Hello! :slight_smile:
Some nice stuff.

Welcome aboard! Very nice stuff you got there, looking forward to seeing more!

Thanks for the nice welcome, even if I started in the middle of the night… :slight_smile:

I love the sky job in the second render. if you don’t mind my asking, how’d you do it?

Yeah, same here about the sky. I just thought to myself, “james, you need to figure out how to do good skys cuz someones gonna ask you if blender can do skys and you’re not going to be able to show them.” So well, I’m interested.

Very nice work! Tasmania looks good

@Lua and san-diego-james:

I´m sorry, but I have to disillusion you…
The background-landscape of this picture was not made with blender. It was made with Terragen and manipulated with a photo-program, because Terragen is not able to make rocks like this.
To create a landscape like this with blender is maybe possible, but so much more difficult than with terragen, that it doesn´t make sense for me, not to use Terragen here. Terragen is normally the better choice for landscapes.
It is the foreground that was made by blender (The rock-arch with the fortress, the ships and the grass and stone).
To create pictures like this, it is often the best way to combinate some programs. If you don´t know Terragen yet, here are some links:

a really good cloud tutorial
and here you can download Terragen:

As long as you don´t use Terragen for commercial things, it is free.
You will see especially on Terradreams, that there is far more possible with Terragen, than I did in my picture

wow well I’m glad to have you here, I love your artwork; it gives me so many ideas. It’s inspiring

So I look forward, to be inspired by the artworks here too, what was another reason for me to come here.

Na dann…Hallo auch von meiner Seite!

Well, it’s always nice when new people have such a nice collection of works already - but it happens very rarely :smiley:
It is definitely very obvious that you’ve made your way with Blender during the past 1.5 years. Your works really show potential and I’m looking forward to see more. Sorry that there’s no in depth critique from me, just a warm welcome!

I really digg that subway one!

Willkommen @ Blender Artists Forums. :slight_smile:

Oh no, don’t get me wrong, the sky is great, but I was thinking about the way you put it onto the 3d environment. I was wondering specifically if you used a plan with an image texture of a sky, or used the skydome method.

Thanks :slight_smile:
So I took it as a Background-Image. It was a little bit difficult to let it look like it was the same lightning and that it fits together, but I was too lazy to get to know, how the TerrToBlend-Script works :smiley:

so how tricky is teragen (downloading as i type) and what sort of rendertimes does it have

are we talking hour rendertimes or "i hope you dont need to use your computer for a month rendertimes?

The non commercial version only allows to render pictures up to 1240x960 and for a picture like this and without water, Terragen needs an hour on my 1,4 GHz Laptop with 512 MB RAM. If you render a picture with a great waterarea, it last much longer (several ours on my computer).
I´m not really sure, but as I know, Terragen uses Povray…
Terragen is tricky when you want to create really realistic landscapes like the ones you can see on terradreams for example. But you will get your first simple results after some hours using it…