Flint - Blender Theme in progress

Hey! I find the default Blender theme to hurt my eyes after a while :smiley: it’s to bright. After talkin’ to a 3D artist at my work where I work in the web-development dept. as an ActionScript 3.0 programmer, and Flash Developer about his program that he’s doing in C++ (visual basic).

It’s a launcher that looks like flint interface and you can load imga sequences ( I will ask him to include blender for me :smiley: and do it cross platform since Im on Mac )

Anyway, I got so impressed with the color scheme that I did this blender theme when I got home, based on Flint i present Flint :smiley:


And you can download the zipfile containing
icon set.png
A .blend file
and a help textfile


Hope it’ll make someone happy. :rolleyes:
and just drop me a msg here if you have any feedback or know a better icon set.