Flintlock gun

I’ve finnished my last project a Flintlock gun. I think it turned out great, I even think it’s the best picture I’ve ever made. Ladies and gentlemen here it is:
I did about an hour of Postpro in PS, mostly just changing the contrast and stuff.

Looks like a very nice model! I think you could make it look a lot better if you worked a bit on the lighting because we cant see much details. The texture on the floor seems a bit low res and with the strong bump map makes it look unrealistic.

The modeling looks great, the only problem you have is with the light setup. Could I borrow it and try messing around with the render settings?

I know the lighting is weird, but that’s just because I rendered it with Sub AO and then, 5 hours later, I realised that it was too dark so I made it lighter in Photoshop. At the christmas day I won’t be home so I can most probably re-render it with a lighter setup then.

I’m not good at lighting so I think I’ll read up on it in the BsoD on lighting. It’s just three ordinary lamps. Do anyone have any general advice for product lighting?

I know the floor is too low-res but that was just a nice texture that I found on the net. I haven’t checked for a better one but sure I’ll check before I render it again. If you know any good texture, please share.

I’m sorry but I can’t let you have it, cause it may be used for a movie project that I’m not allowed to share the models.

Somebody posted this link couple days ago on the forum, it’s very nice, a lot of stuff :

Eh, I have my own stuff, I don’t want to keep your model, I just wanted to try lighting it.

Ok, but it takes 5 hours to render with AO. Check your PMs.

BTW I saw your thug, great work. He almost look painted.

I already seen that site Nifrek, but thanks for trying atleast. I think I’ve found a mediocre texture now, that is hi-res.

Very well done, although you good make it look much better just with some better lighting.

I don’t know what it’ll look like finished cause I didn’t have any of the image textures, but let me know how this looks, it shouldn’t take as long.

EDIT: Aww, thanks. /:] I’m glad you like the ugly little jerk. And he’s kind of half hand-painted, half heavily distorted photos.

Other edit: Apparently I’m not to put the link here. I PMed you. Sorry about that.