Flintlock Pistol

The flintlock pistol that i made! Not going to attempt to texture it yet but i need to know what you think and how i can add little extra bits of detail?

Well, texturing probably would be the easier way to add the extra bits of detail :wink:
You could also just model the detail out (box modelling, or sculpting, whichever you know best.

The core fundamentals seem to be all there. The join between the bore cleaner stick’s holster and the pistol’s body feels a bit odd - the cleaner stick looks pushed on top of the body, whereas in your reference it’s a channel leading into the pistol itself. So you may want to slightly tweak the transition area of that component, eh.

Also - did you render it at a bit of an angle, or is the grip a wee bit smallish?

It’s at a bit of a angle yeah:)!
and yeah i realized i needed to tweak that a little i’ll get on it!
I really want to be able to sculpt little details but the only way i know how to sculpt details on was using this Dynamic topology which made like 60 million faces and made my computer go into meltdown haha :’)!

you can and should retopo it
or use the remesh modifier to reduce verts count
add some mat / textures

should look very nice

happy cycles

I’ve never actually textured something properly before so i have no idea where to start…
any help :)?