Flip an object

(humphrey) #1

I am creating a human model and I have created a left hand. I was wondering if there was any blender function that would allow me to flip this hand around to make a right hand. I don’t want to create another hand from scratch!


(S68) #2

1 - If you had had a look in the topmost Announcement (Current list of tutorials) you woud have found the answer…

2 - In edit mode, select all vertexes, press SKEY (as for scaling) DO NOT touch the mouse, press XKEY to flip horizontally, YKEY to flip vertically. Then separate the meshes (PKEY)

You can flip out of editmode, but results are seldom what you need…


(hannibar) #3

Before pushing the s-button it can be helpful to first press shift-d to copy.

(S68) #4

bump :stuck_out_tongue:


(humphrey) #5


I’m got it to work now…